Dec.19, 2011

Z Corporation announced today that it will sponsor “Reality Redesigned,” a student-focused new mountain bike design competition.

The contest will spotlight the design process from drawing board to finished product. Z Corporation will “ZPrint” prototypes of three finalists in three categories. The winner will be announced live at the RAPID 2012 Conference May 22-25, 2012. The winning design will then be manufactured and tested by a pro rider.

Anyone who is interested in joining the contest can place your submission into one of 3 categories from mid-December through Feb. 24, 2012.

The submissions will be scored by qualified experts from the mountain-bike industry. In April/May 2012, Experts will determine how designs will stand up to a real-life scenario, then grade each based on research, material pricing and specific criteria.

“ZPrinting is a center-stage component of the show, inspiring innovation and bringing contestants’ designs to reality,” said Jeremy Bout, host and Executive Producer. “With physical models, judges and industry manufacturers can more deeply understand a design, and what it will be able to do on the trail. ZPrints will also expose students to technology they will use in their engineering careers.”

Via Z Corporation

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