Sep.25, 2012

A new filament called "Laywood" can now be extruded through the nozzle of RepRap FDM 3D printer. This German-made Laywood, a mix of recycled wood fibers and polymer binders could create "tree rings", a nice gradient effects in color.

Gary Hodgson, developer of DLP resin 3D printer, is one of the first makers to purchase the wood filament from GRRF. He made his first test printing: a minimug.

(Image credit: Gary Hodgson)

"The hot-end was set to 190°C at the start, and I manually increased the temperature in 10° increments to 220°C back and forth to produce the colour gradient. The bottom of the print is smooth, similar to the finish from PLA, whereas the sides and top are rougher."


"So far I haven't attempted working with it (drilling, cutting, etc), which I will try tomorrow. I did try a little sanding which required a bit more effort than real wood and again was similar to working with PLA. I'll be interested to see how well it takes paints and lacquers."

Follow up the test results here.


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