Oct. 30, 2012

Mario Fleurinck (41), CEO of Zonhoven (Belgium) based technology company Melotte, is passionate about eco-system design and sustainable technologies development. Chinese media CNC World made a report on Melotte's business developments using 3D printing.



Through digital scanning, electronic data transformation and laser fusion, the metallic powders are made into a final piece. Melotte, this Belgian company has realized the direct digit manufacturing without molds and global logistics.

"So the biggest advantage is that by using this technology, we have an immense reduction on environmental impacts, and we have a very interesting material efficiency, which means we can support 2.5 times more people by using the same number of metals." said Mario Fleurinck.

"We will bring back the manufacturing in the heart of society, supporting people' s needs within their regions, within their culture, without making big alliance worldwide and jeopardizing each of the business environments, that is what we do."

Melotte has started cooperation with a textile company in Qingdao, China to 3D print steering wheels for textile machines. With 3D printer, the time to produce a steering wheel is compressed from 84 hours into 24 hours. Costs are reduced since less energy, logistics and distribution expenses are needed.

Mario says, the 3D printing technology may even rewrite the globalized business model and adjust the excess production capacity.



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E.J. Vandaele wrote at 1/20/2014 11:49:10 AM:

May I have the telephone number of Mr. Mario FLEURINCK please. I am a retired industrialist and would like to either talk to him or preferably meet with him. Thanks My emailaddress evd@euromonta.be (preferable) My telephone 0483 432020 (not always available because I have to devote in priority my time and attention ot my wife who is recovering from a serious stroke).

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