Dec.12, 2012

taulman's 618 1.75mm Nylon Co-Polymer will go on sale starting this Wednesday 12/12/2012 for Pre-Order. First shipments are timed to begin shipping on or before 12/20/2012.

Here is the press release:

With the release of 618-1.75mm along with 618-3mm, this completes the first in a series of new high strength materials intended to dramatically increase the capabilities of RepRap type 3D Printers. As these new 1.75mm and 3mm 3D Printers make the transition from labs, hobbyists and specialty houses to the technical mainstream, they will now have a material that truly reflects the design needs and performance required by their customers.

Testers from all over the world have participated in a 6-month material evaluation/recommendation effort that culminates in 618 Co-Polymer. Those that have used or tested 618, know that it stands on it's own as a High strength, non-delaminating nylon based co-polymer with excellent pliability control, chemical resistance and the ability to be machined with steel tooling including tap'd threads all without cracking or delaminating. 618 is so strong that some CNC shops are already 3D Printing production parts rather than milling from cast polymers or polycarbonate.

The added bonus of a material that has an instantly recognizable surface along with the ability to simply dye the finished part in any desired color completes the circle of specifications.

The testing community can take pride in the fact that several high tech and medical institutions are already testing and or reviewing 618.

For the future of taulman materials, we are currently working with a new combination of polymers numbered as 645 and 680. As 645 is at least a year off, first testing shows that at reasonable layers counts, a material that is as easy to print as 618, yet rivals aluminum in strength in some parts. And 680 is intended to be a medical grade polymer designed to meet ISO 10993.

For Designers, Engineers and Inventors, this is how 618 can assist you in your designs.

618 uses a modification to the base material chain to enhance bonding, thus increasing strength by eliminating layer delamination. To accomplish this improved bonding and thermal uniformity during the 3D Printing process, both the makeup and processing are unique to 618. The resistance to chemical degradation is also a top priority for 618 as the ability to 3D Print casting molds as well as perform in harsh environments was at the top of the list of 618's requirements. This is why you will not see 618 made available in a pre-colored spool. 618 only comes in "Natural" (zero color) and prints from a bright natural(bright tan) to almost white. The final requirement for 618 was surface finish. As a material that can be used to print parts that intern would be supplied directly to the end user/customer, 618 was to be instantly recognizable as a superior polymer.

One of the requests from the 3D Printing community and those that tested 618 was to keep the price similar to current filament pricing, I have maintained the same price for 1.75mm as the 3mm. At an average of current plastic filament pricing.

taulman's 618 filament positions RepRap type 3D Printers to compete in new and challenging markets that demand total performance! Where previous to 618, most printers were limited to models, only for form/fit and with 618 the bar is raised to form/fit/function.


Here are some prints sample:

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