Jan.8, 2013

Marcelo Ruiz Camauer, founder of Kikai Labs bought his first 3D printer Makerbot in september 2011. A year later he and his team presented their prototype Kikai Labs 3D printer at a local IT trade show and won the "Rio Info Innovation award, Argentina". One of the award was a trip to Brasil to showcase their 3D printer at Rio Info, a huge local IT show.

Marcelo Ruiz Camauer (right)

The Kikai Labs 3D printer has a fairly large build area 20x20x18cm. It prints at a standard speed 50-60mm/s with a layer thickness down to 0.08mm. The print quality is pretty good, check the 3D print sample below.

The printer will be released as open source. It uses open source software and a RAMP 1.4 board as the electronics. It has a SD card and USB interface, optional heated bed. Plastics and all the parts (motors, extruders, etc) are sold separately so that user can maintain the printers themselves if needed. It is designed to be editable that users can disassemble and reassemble the 3D printer with improvements. This 3D printer is ideal for schools and hobbyists, although it can also be used for prototyping by any design or architectural studio.

By the end of this week the company will get all the parts they need to build the first lot of 50 printers. The production will begin on January 14th and the 3D printers will be available by the end of January.

The price for a fully assembled Kikai Labs 3D printer is 7500 pesos + tax, or 8200 pesos total, about US$1664 / EUR1268 / GBP1034. Kits will be available on request at same price, for educational purposes only.

Kikai Labs is the only builder in South America that produce 3D printers in quantity. "Kikai" is a Japanese word meaning both "machine" and "wonderful or mysterious thing" and "opportunity". Besides the Info Innovation award, Kikai Labs has made several appearances in TV and the media. In November 2012 Kikai Labs gave a presentation on 3D rapid prototyping and fabrication to 500 technical high school students, and at the same period Kikai Labs won the top IT prize in Argentina for "the best IT new business", the Sadosky prize.

Watch the video below Kikai Labs 3D printer in action (In Spanish). More information can be found on Kikai Labs.

Here are some more 3D print samples printed out on a Kikai Labs 3D printer.

(Images credit: Kikai Labs)





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Paucus wrote at 1/12/2013 7:39:29 AM:

How about a local source, local service, local instruction and local enterprise?

Adam B wrote at 1/11/2013 5:03:24 AM:

How many more Prusa /printrbot/ mendelmax clones does the world need? what does this add to the world of 3d printers over any of the other clones? an ugly blue case?

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