Jan.19, 2013

Thingiverse user hairygael has been working on building robot InMoov since early 2012. He began with building up a right hand, which was designed in Blender and printed on a 3D Touch in ABS. After many times of design and redesign, hairygael has made a lot of progress. Step by step he added shoulder, head, brain and voice command to the robot InMoov.

InMoov is designed to be a robot you can 3D print and animate. If you have 3D printer and some building skills, you can follow hairygael's steps to build up your own. "Working as a sculptor modelmaker for Factices Ateliers, in the real physical world, this is my contribution to the OpenSource 3D world." noted hairygael.

InMoov Specs:

  • Weight: 4280 grams
  • Actuators / output devices: 12 servos MG995, 12 Hitec 805BB
  • Control method: Motion pattern, keyboard, Joystick
  • CPU: Arduino
  • Operating system: Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux
  • Power source: 6V 44A
  • Programming language: Serialterm, MyRobotLab, Arduino sketch

With the help of Myrobotlab and GroG, the robot can see and grab objects after a voice command. Watch the video below a test using capture gestures + voice commands in Myrobotlab.

Below is a BOM listed by hairygael: (not including 3D printer)

Hand and forearm:

  • 2 arduino uno = 28 euros ebay although I never found such a good price again.
  • 12 servos MG995 = 84 euros ebay | Or 12 servos HK2598 = 180 euros Hobbyking (I recommend those because the others are cheap but they burn)
  • 0,8mm nylon thread / fishing rod = 5 euros hardware store
  • Miscellaneous Bolts = 10 euros hardware store
  • 1500gr natural ABS = 70 euros orbi-tech

Arm and shoulder:

  • 8 Hitec HS805BB = 240 euros ebay (better get even stronger in torque and faster)
  • Miscellaneous Bolts = 10 euros hardware store
  • 1500gr black, yellow, natural ABS = 56 euros orbi-tech

Head and torso: still working in progress

Batteries + charger: 80 euros


You can follow the progress of this project on hairygael's website or watch videos from part 1~ 12 below:




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