Feb.25, 2013

Inventor Michael Kintner, founder of 360 Heros was interviewed by SyFy TV Network at CES 2013. Invited to be with 3D Systems in Las Vegas, Michael Kintner presented his 360 Heros video gear in this video below and how he used 3D printer to create a 360 Heroes rig that allows him to attach video cameras all around it.

"The SyFy network TV crew wanted to know how I related 3D Systems to the SyFy network. My response was, "Just like in Star Trek, 3D Systems 3D printers now lets you have your very own affordable replicator at your finger tips!" said Kintner.

With this small accessory he can then record 360 degrees of video using GoPro video cameras. When on a bicycle, he can attach it with the video cameras and get to see a 360 by 180 degree view of his surroundings.

Last week the new Beck video "Sound and Vision" (a remake of the David Bowie classic for the Lincoln Motor Company's campaign Hello-Again) was shot using a 360Heros camera rig. Director Chris Milk read about Kintner's 360Heros rig and wanted to try it for the new video.

Milk says Kintner's rig was "the whole premise of the gig." It was as if you were at a live-concert, with all audience around you.

How Kintner came up with the idea?

Kintner came up with the idea after scuba diving and finding out that he had been trailed by a shark during his swim. He wished not only that he had been able to see the shark himself, but that there was a more all-encompassing way to share such experiences in general. His solution was to perfect and make accessible a 360 rig for film and photography.

Kintner called 3D Systems, learned about and bought Alibre Design Expert software and the CubeX printer and got started. The CubeX and software gave Kintner's process great efficiency, allowing him to design, print, test and modify his prototypes in swift succession. Within a day of receiving his 3D printer Michael was holding his first prototype of the rig. What Kintner appreciated most, however, was the smooth integration and operation of all the 3D solutions he used, from software, to printer, to materials. "The CubeX and Alibre Design make my 3D printing and redesigns quick and seamless," Kintner said.

Watch the video below to see this awesome 360Heros rig in action:







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