Feb.24, 2013

In Jackie Chan's latest movie CZ12, also known as Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan uses specially made gloves with sensors to scan a bronze animal head in 3D and then the data is transmitted to a magic machine - a 3D printer. A moment later, this 3D printer recreates the bronze head exactly the same as the orginal at another location.


Seven years in the making, "CZ12" cost US$50 million (S$61.1 million) to shoot. The story is sprung on a quest to track down six bronze sculptures, originally part of a set of twelve representing the animals of the Chinese Zodiac which were looted from the Summer Palace in Beijing when the city was sacked by European armies in the 19th century. At the same time there's an international campaign in progress to demand the return of stolen cultural treasures to their countries of origin. But Jackie plays a soldier of fortune, not a high-minded patriot. He's in it for the money. But as events take unexpected turns and strange alliances take shape, motives begin to change ...

Watch below Jackie Chan's CZ12 official trailer:

Although the scenario is fictional, with the development of 3D printing technology, 3D printing is becoming a trend, widely used in all fields. Obviously the best way to publicise the technology to the masses is to feature it on film or TV show. The Big Bang Theory TV series has recently also included 3D printing in the show. As applications of the technology expand and prices drop, this might even mean many goods will be printed locally. Parts can be printed at home or local shop, a 3D printer can be used to make a wide range of things, from custom jewelry to industrial prototypes to artwork. 3D printers might become common household appliances one day.








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