Mar.1, 2013

Arcam AB, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden launches Arcam Q10, a new "Electron Beam Melting" (EBM) system designed specifically for industrial production of orthopedic implants.

Arcam's new EBM system, Arcam Q10, is developed in close collaboration with leading implant manufacturers. The development is partly financed by Vinnova. The company says the system is designed to meet the implant industry's need for ease-of-use, productivity, accuracy and quality assurance.

Arcam Q10 replaces Arcam A1, the current industry standard for Additive Manufacturing of orthopedic implants. The first Arcam Q10 user will be DiSanto Technology Inc. in Shelton, CT, USA, who signed a strategic alliance agreement with the company to offer EBM-designed and -manufactured medical implants.

The orthopedic market is one of Arcam's two main markets. The EBM technology is used for implant production since 2007, and more than 30.000 EBM-manufactured orthopedic devices have been implanted worldwide.

Arcam Q10 includes several new features for industrial volume production, including increased productivity, higher resolution, and Arcam LayerQam™, a new camera-based monitoring system for continuous quality assurance.

Arcam AB was founded in 1997 and began trading in the U.S. in June 2012. Arcam sells 3D printers using a roprietary technology called "Electron Beam Melting" (EBM) and is focused towards the orthopedic implant and aerospace industries. Yesterday the company's stock rose to its highest level in almost 10 years after the company announced that they have got an order from an undisclosed U.S. client. Arcam's system will be used to produce components for the aerospace industry.

As of this writing, Arcam's intraday price reaches to 271 kronor, and the company's market value is 1 billion kronor ($156 million).






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