Feb.7, 2013

Over the past months, Cody Wilson has released couples of design and updates showing the progress of his project Defense Distributed. For trying not to break the law, he focuses mainly on 3D printing magazines, not the whole gun.

Today Wilson unveiled a successful test firing of a newly designed 3D printed gun magazine. It is a 30 round ArmaLite magazine and is called 'Cuomo', named after New York State's gun-control supporter, governor Andrew Cuomo.

Last month New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law one of the nation's toughest gun-control measures and the first to be enacted since the mass shooting at an elementary school in neighboring Connecticut. The new law expands the definitions of banned weapons, and also bans any gun magazine that can hold more than seven cartridges - the current limit is 10 cartridges. It requires background checks of buyers and also a statewide re-registration of all handguns and grandfathered assault weapons.

"Guys like Cuomo are in a bubble," Wilson told TPM. "Politicians, big Wall Street traders, they have armed guards. So New York passes a law banning high-capacity magazines and Cuomo says: 'ok, New York is safe.' But he should back down from the hyperbole. Not only can it [high-capacity magazine manufacturing] not be regulated, but it's about to be exploded open right now."

Wilson plans to release the 3D printable files of the Cuomo mag over the weekend. On his website Defcad.org the magazine and weapon component blueprints have been downloaded in excess of 100,000 times, said Wilson. "Many people are downloading the files from all over the world, Russia to Spain, and simply holding on to them for later potential usage in homemade weapons manufacturing."

The group is also working on a 40-round AK magazine design and they plan to test and release it soon.

Check out Defense Distributed's new videos:

1. Full redesign of the 30 round AR mag body and follower.

2. A successful test firing of Cuomo magazine, in total, Defense Distributed fired 342 rounds.







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pissed off in New York wrote at 2/9/2013 9:12:30 PM:

I hope his name on the magazine helps you sell more of them. Nobody got to put in their opinion before that jackass put that law into effect.

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