May.29, 2013

You've seen 360-degree, panoramic photos before. But a 360-degree video that's controlled through your mouse and keyboard is still new. 360° Video has been difficult and pretty expensive for many 360° content creators.

Inventor Michael Kintner has come up with 360 Heros, a 360° Video/Photo Gear. Using an array of GoPro cameras, mounted to the 360Heros patent pending 360 Plug-n-Play Holders, you'll be able to snap stunning 360° panoramas in one click of the WiFi remote. When on a bicycle, you can attach it with the video cameras and get to see a 360 by 180 degree view of your surroundings.

The 360 Plug-n-Player Holders are 3D printed from aircraft-grade nylon and designed for ease of use in the field. It is light-weighted (1.5 pound / 0.68kg) and you can put it anywhere and capture amazing lasting impressions.

Kintner came up with the idea after scuba diving and finding out that he had been trailed by a shark during his swim. He wished not only that he had been able to see the shark himself, but that there was a more all-encompassing way to share such experiences in general. His solution was to perfect and make accessible a 360 rig for film and photography.

According to 3D Systems, Kintner called the company, bought software, the CubeX printer and got started. The 3D printer gave Kintner's process great efficiency, allowing him to design, print, test and modify his prototypes in swift succession. Within a day of receiving his 3D printer Kintner was holding his first prototype of the rig. What Kintner appreciated most, however, was the smooth integration and operation of all the 3D solutions he used, from software, to printer, to materials.

Kintner has launched the 360Heros now on Kickstarter. For $345 you will get a 360Heros that could produce a full spherical view 360 degrees by 120 degrees for photos and/or videos. Check for more information here on Kickstarter.






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Sebastiaan wrote at 6/1/2013 6:57:31 PM:

I hope th cat (prop) got paid.

Thomas Hayden wrote at 5/29/2013 10:46:43 PM:

Great post! Thanks for spreading our 360 video revolution!

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