Aug.8, 2013

In such historic hot weather what could we do to make our holiday meaningful?

You can print your own swimming pool - yes it´s possible, with 3D printing filament Laybrick, a sandstone-like filament suitable for models in architecture. Laybrick, created by Kai Parthy, is a mixture of milled chalk and harmless co-polyesters. The result of combining this unique mixture into a 3D printer filament is that Laybrick printed parts are tough and feel like sandstone. It is rough and won't bend due the wrong effect of "warping".

This square swimming-pool prototype below is super mini - has a side-length of only 22.5 cm. You can only fill it up with 1 liter water. But if you have a big enough 3D printer, it is possible to print a custom swimming pool at your backyard.

Watch below the demo video:


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guest wrote at 8/8/2013 9:14:34 PM:

This is the stupid use of 3d printer -BRAVO!

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