Aug.31, 2013

3D printing offers design flexibility and rapid implementation, therefore 3D printing for personal use and applications worldwide has been identified as the latest trends. Recently editors of monthly Japanese magazine MacPeople have created a replica of Apple Mac Pro using a commercial 3D printer.

The upcoming Apple Mac Pro is undoubtedly the biggest surprise at WWDC this year. The new Mac Pro has been completely redesigned - it is a fraction of the size of the previous model and housed in a radically redesigned tower.

The first thought of many customers was that they wanted it. At WWDC, Apple gave a "later this year" release date. But some fans couldn't wait, like those at MacPeople.

All components for exterior cover were created on a EOSINT P 760 and a FORMIGA P 110 laser sintering 3D printer for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts. They are all made of nylon 12, the material that's used in the SLS 3D printing process. Shapeways calls this material 'White, Strong & Flexible'. After the 3D printing process, the parts were carefully polished and painted.

The internal components, including copy of graphics card and a processor, were 3D printed on a ZPrinter 650 3D color printer from 3D Systems.

MacPeople's October issue (released on August 29) features "3D printer × Mac Pro" which explains the step-by-step process from 3D modeling all the way to the 3D printing and painting process.

The new Apple Mac Pro will be released later this year, before that, such a 3D printed realistic model is perhaps the best way to warm up.


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