Sep.12, 2013

3D Systems introduces today Bespoke Modeling, a cloud-based service that allows medical professionals to quickly create, upload, view, share and 3D print full-color 3D anatomical models directly from any size CT, MRI scan or any DICOM data.

Bespoke Modeling allows users to easily view patient-specific 3D data, bookmark views, add annotations, convert CT scans into full-color 3D models and can export for local 3D printing or order low-cost color models online from 3D Systems.

Here is the process:

1. Upload your DICOM data

Once uploaded, Bespoke Modeling converts the original scan data into a completed 3D model that you can then access, explore and view.

2. Edit the uploaded data

View the data using commands to select the types of views you want, filtering to show just bone, to show with tissue, etc.

You can also use tools to clean the image, remove outlying and scatter data that came in with the scan, and add labels, logos and annotations to your model.

3. Share and Download your Model Data

The data is viewable by any browser and platform, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

4. 3D Print Your 3D model

You can download the data as ZPR or STL for use in a local 3D printer or other software, or order up a 3D print from within your Bespoke Modeling account directly from 3D Systems' cloud-based printing service.


Subscriptions to the cloud-based application start at $30 per month.

"The sensory feedback experienced using Bespoke Modeling 3D prints is nearly identical to operating on a real bone," says Dr. Bernard Cannas, founder of Sapo Implant, a physician training company that tested Bespoke Modeling for its implantology courses. "We can now use many more models during our training course providing greater hands-on training than we ever could with cadaver bone."



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Eduardo Lopes wrote at 9/13/2013 5:34:53 PM:

Ok, that's cool, but the CTI Renato Archer in Brazil have already developed the InVesalius, a reliable, free and open source software to transform CT scans in ready-to-print 3d models. "InVesalius is a medical public software which aims to assist diagnosis and surgical planning. Based on a sequence of two dimensional (2D) images, acquired through computed tomography or magnetic resonance equipments, InVesalius software allows the reconstruction of virtual three dimensional (3D) models, correspondent to the anatomical region of interest. The software has shown to be versatile, contributing with various fields, among which medicine, odontology, veterinary, archeology and engineering. Developed since July 2001 in the scope of ProMED (Rapid Prototyping for Medicine), the software has been vastly used by surgeons and Brazilian hospitals from 2004 on." Check this out at You need to log in but there's also an english page. :)

alvaro wrote at 9/13/2013 12:02:09 AM:

Amazing ! .Could we combine this technology with Multimaterials 3d printers and print with the same chemical compounds of a natural tooth and , therefore , replace the missed one?

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