Oct.7, 2013

Toy blocks and other construction toys might not be as flashy as battery-powered robots or video games, but these toys may help children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, a capacity for creative, divergent thinking, spatial skills, social skills as well as language and math skills in their later life.

Inspired by computer game MineCraft, Lake Oswego, OR based Will Petillo wants to bring the joy of building things with blocks to real life. "Why aren't there physical blocks—that I can hold in my hand and share with friends—that can build with the freedom and ease that I experienced in MineCraft?" says Petillo.

Petillo came up with an invention: Bit-Blocks, building blocks where any face can connect to any other face. That means all of the sides would have to be identical, and each would have to have both pegs and holes. Petillo drew the pattern he had in mind first on paper, then folded the paper into cubes. Then he got a 3D printer, taught himself the basics of 3D modeling software, and started printing. Though the 3D prints were not high enough quality but these early prototypes gave Petillo an excellent chance to play with some details of the design and better understand what it takes to make a perfect fit.

Petillo has launched his Bit-Blocks on Kickstarter hoping to raise funds to buy injection molds for this project. For $30 backers can own a mini set of first edition Bit-Blocks. Check out for more info here on Kickstarter.


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LXMaker wrote at 10/15/2013 3:12:49 AM:

3d printing technology more mature than just come out , the average consumer to understand its function more and more deeply, to see a 3d print reports that have been put in the military field, responsible for the production of large originals. 3d printer compared to traditional manufacturing machinery greatly shorten product development cycles, improve productivity and reduce production costs.

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