Oct.10, 2013

3D printers have been all over the news for their potential to change our lives. Everyone's now aware of 3D printing, ondoubtedly, 3D printing is a groundbreaking technology, but are the stories accurate, or even true?

The London Science Museum opens a new exhibit on Wednesday called '3D: Printing the Future." They invited some industrial experts to guide you around the hype of 3D printing, look into 3D printing myths in the media and reveal this technology's real-life potential.

Myth #1: Some people think that every home will have a 3D printer. Not everyone is convinced by this. 3D printing researcher Richard Hague asks whether all of us will really want our own 3D printer.


Myth #2: People say 3D printers can make dangerous things. Adrian Bowyer invented his own 3D printer. What does Adrian think?


Myth #3: People think: We will be able to 3D print organs and transplant them in patients. Materials scientist Brian Derby thinks that it will be some time before working human organs can be 3D printed for transplant. But there are some surprising ways 3D printing can already heal you.


Myth #4: You may have read 3D printing can 'instantly' print stuff. 3D printing expert Chris Tuck thinks it's a little slower than that, but explains why it doesn't matter...


Myth #5: People think 3D pirnted organs wll let us live forever. Medical researcher John Hunt debunks the myth that printed body parts might help make you immortal.


Myth #6: People say 3D printing will make everyone a professional designer. Software pioneer Lisa Harouni suggests that 3D printing might help us all customise designs for ourselves.


Myth #7: People say it will soon be easy to make a 3D copy of anything. 3D print store founder Sylvain Preumont thinks it's difficult to get a 3D copy of something real from your 3D printer.


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El. from LTF wrote at 10/18/2013 2:38:50 PM:

Here is a brief compilation of the best remarks from this interviews. I guess it is easier to check out all this in one neat single package. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u_GrjAhgZ4

Dan wrote at 10/11/2013 3:13:45 AM:

"dangerous things" :) Things can't be dangerous in itself. Use of things and the treatment of them can be dangerous. When the surgeon cuts the person a scalpel, it saves his life. When the criminal knifes the person, it takes away this life from it. The discharged gun is much safer than the filled car. And in road accidents in times more people than as a result of premeditated murders annually perish. But cars thus for some reason try to impose as necessity to everyone and nobody calls them dangerous things. So let speak honestly - danger proceeds not from things and from that who uses them, and for what purpose. If the person decides to break the law, it will be not stopped by any ban and it will find the mass of opportunities that to make it. And if the person has no need to break the law, it, even having all possible for this means, won't begin to do it.

Ben wrote at 10/10/2013 8:41:05 PM:

I think I enjoyed putting a face to the name that started Rep rap out of all these Vignettes. These were all enjoyable though.

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