Nov.4, 2013

A new startup, founded by JF Brandon and Christopher LoBello, is working on developing two handy tools for your 3D printer: Makeraser and Makelastic.


The Makeraser is a multitool for 3D Printers and with it you can easily smooth and strengthen your ABS prints. Currently for getting these results you need to involve an Acetone vapor chamber or a dipping method. The Makeraser is designed as a marker pen that a small amount of acetone is stored in the pen reservoir. When you apply Acetone directly on the the surface, the dissolved ABS fills in the cracks and spaces between the layers, strengthening the part.

The Makeraser can also be used to glue your ABS parts together. If you take your two pieces, apply Acetone on both sides and stick them together, the Acetone reflows the surface of your prints and makes them chemically into a single piece.

In addition the Makeraser can also be used to stickify printbeds, says the team. You simply drop a piece of ABS into the pen reservoir, shake vigorously a number of times over 20 minutes. Screw the felt cap back on and apply a thin layer of the 'ABS Juice' mix. The Acetone dissipates quickly, leaving a very thin layer of ABS that your first layers will adhere to.

the evolution of the design for the Makeraser


The Makelastic is a non-toxic chemistry that can be used to rubberize PLA, making it tougher yet more flexible. In addition, users can use old PLA prints and Makelastic Precursor (Ethanol), Makelastic Catalyst to make Makelastic themselves.

The team are finalizing the design and manufacturing costs, and the Makeraser is expected to be launched on Kickstarter soon. Meanwhile they are working with MIT to improve upon Makelastic. It also claims that Made in Space is testing the Makeraser, so they hope it could be used as a handy tool for Made in Space's customized 3D printer which will be launched into space next year to help astronauts manufacture spare parts and tools.

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