Jan.4, 2014

John Byun (UBS Investment Bank): How are you addressing the opportunity in 3D printing?

Carl Bass (Autodesk): The best thing about 3D printing is you can only print something that you have a 3D model of. And that's sometimes lost on people.

Most of the 3D printing business these days is around a business that's built around the consumables, and it certainly is a good business. I don't know if you guys have looked at that business closely, but people are selling consumables for 100x or 200x the price of the commodity material. I don't know about you but I like being in any business in which you could do that.

So the 3D printing business is a very lucrative business today but it is right for disruption. Our angle on it is that in order to do this 3D printing, you need to use 3D models. And what we're seeing is from manufacturing, construction, in media, and entertainment, our customers build 3D models and want them 3D-printed.

We're also doing some amount of research in 3D printing that you'll hear more about later next year [in 2014] in terms of research on materials science and some other improvements to 3D printing. But let's wait until [2014] for that.


Source: SeekingAlpha

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