Jan.10, 2014

Italian based DWS Lab introduces its XFab laser 3D printer at this year's CES International. Instead of the popular Fused deposition modeling (FDM), DWS Lab uses the Laser Stereolithography process. Its patented technology is capable of turning a much wider variety of materials into solid objects: acrylate resin, ABS, polypropylene, rigid opaque, transparent, ceramic and even rubber.

The system includes proprietary 3D editing software NAUTA XFAB Edition and it features high resolution printing, automatic support genaration and instant support removal.

XFab uses intelligent cartridge system for quick material change, so there will be no leakages, no need of handling liquids, no tray consumption cost. The cartridge will retail for between $200 and $400.


  • 3D printing method: Laser Stereolithography
  • Working area: Ø 180×180 mm
  • Laser source: Solid State BlueEdge® BE-1300X
  • Slice thickness: 10-100 microns
  • Minimum feature size: 80 microns
  • Scanning method: Galvanometer
  • Software: XFAB Controller, Nauta™ XFAB Edition
  • Input file format: .stl, .slc
  • Machine size: 420x638x590 mm
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 22°-25°C/60%
  • Power supply: AC 230/115V/50-60 Hz

DWS Lab will launch the XFab 3D laser printer in the spring and the price is around $5,000. The company also plans to develop a mini version of the XFab for consumers which will be priced at $2,500.

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Farhan Khan wrote at 4/28/2017 6:13:21 PM:

RUSH I need some urgent prices on below item. Description & Specification; XFAB® 3D Printer by DWSLAB includes the following items: • 1 Grooved building platform Ø mm 188 (usable mm 180) • 1 Resin tank mod. RX180 • 1 Set of handling tools • 1 NAUTA® XFAB® Edition software suite license • 1 User manual • 12 month limited warranty Quantity: 02 Each Shipping Address: Aurora, IL 60506-1000 Please send me your best prices including shipping & handling charges & estimated shipping time as soon as you can. Also acknowledge me when you will receive my email. Highly appreciate your positive and quick response. Thanks -- Best Regards, Farhan Khan Taza Supplies Phone: 630-219-0220 Fax: 866-552-8262 fkhan@tazasupplies.com www.tazasupplies.com

ear wrote at 6/10/2015 6:28:11 PM:

I overheard a conversation.. there will not be an xfab because it is vaporware for there "pro" line. So better look on Form1+ or other B9?

Dano wrote at 2/22/2015 11:41:50 AM:

Feb 2015 .. how do I order one.. im on the pre-order list.. but don't hear a thing from x fab.. Im in Australia .. I would like to know if anyone out there has managed to purchase one yet

Ken wrote at 8/2/2014 6:17:53 PM:

So uh... when's that ship date again? Spring 2014? It's well into Q3? Where is this vaporware at? Secondly, 180x180mm is a 2D plane, not a 3D Volume. What's the maximum print height? It doesn't look to be more than a 2-3 more inches clearance over that set of goggles. It'd need to be 9" tall or 228mm to even match the Titan or Pegasus Touch. It does have the whole multi-material thing going for it, but if this printer can do rubbers and ABS like materials, I see no reason why MadeSolid couldn't reverse engineer the same resins for Form1s, B9s, Pegasus', and Titans. And again, until it's in the hands of the customers, it's all vaporware and science fiction. (Yes, I saw it at Bay Area Maker Faire, and it was cool, but doesn't do anything for me if it's in a lab somewhere and not for sale).

Tem wrote at 6/5/2014 4:34:49 AM:

I saw the XFAB at Maker Faire, San Mateo. The output quality of the parts is the best I have seen. The cartridge system is efficient and so the resin is not wasted. IIRC each cartridge holds about 1 kg of resin per cartridge, so the price per part is affordable. There are only a few transfer processes to make a part so it requires less time to mKe a finished part. For my work flow the XFAB will be a time saver. I intend to buy one.

Tomek wrote at 2/19/2014 12:45:36 AM:

proprietary cartridge = overpriced. This model is not cool :P

dennis wrote at 2/12/2014 11:18:08 AM:

i am very interested in the consumer version!

Michael, iGo3D wrote at 1/10/2014 5:55:52 PM:

thank machine looks great!

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