Dec.24, 2013

Quebec, Canada based Bootsindustries launched today BI V2.0, a self-replicating, high precision, Delta 3D printer on KickStarter.

The structure of the BI V2.0 is made of steel reinforced 3D printed corners and 3/4 inch anodized aluminium extrusions. It uses a triple pulley system which automatically keeps the delta arms of each tower level to ensure a high precision motion.

BI V2.0 features very large build volume - it is capable to produce 300 mm diameter X 300 mm height prints. The self-replicating design empowers you to create another machine and share with others. It also includes a redesigned 0.4 mm JHead for the extruder hot end called the Jhead BI Edition. This design doesn't allow backflow allowing you to print high speeds without clogging.

Another critical feature of BI V2.0 is an auto-level probe which could measure the height of your print bed at various points and automatically adjust the height of the print nozzle depending on current location. The result is a consistent layering across the large 300 mm diameter.

BI V2.0 can be controlled through a LCD controller with large screen. The user has the ability to move the printer, set speeds, temperatures and start prints when their G Code is stored on the SD Card. The Bi V2.0 comes standard with the LCD controller and a 4 GB SD card.

The delta platform is built with carbon fibre rods, 3D printed PLA, a laser cut acrylic tooling insert and has a capacity of up to three hot ends. All BI V2.0 3D printers will ship out with a heat bed, comprising a heat foil, glass and a magnetic fastening system.

The BI V2.0 is capable of producing high quality prints in either PLA, ABS, Nylon with 50 micron layer height.

Additional features of the BI V2.0 include:

  • Sleeved electrical wiring for a clean look.
  • Quick disconnect wires in the most convenient places to facilitate maintenance and reconfiguration.
  • Triple fan assembly to maintain consistent temperatures.
  • Powerful LED ring to see the printer in action.

Bootsindustries released BI V2.0 today on Kickstarter and in few hours the limited Early Bird Special offers were all gone. The cheapest option available now is an Early Adopter Special: for 685CAD (USD644 / EUR471) you can get your BI V2.0 3D Printer complete with heat bed, LCD controller and Auto-level probe. Shipping cost not included.

Propellor vase by jameswood - Scaled up to a height of 250 mm

High quality setting - 0.22 mm @ 2400 mm/min


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John wrote at 1/12/2014 6:32:22 PM:

I you think on buying a delta, you could also consider a tripodmaker. They look nice too.

Bill wrote at 12/24/2013 9:51:43 PM:

200 more, not interested... Good luck, would be in for the 475.00.

Jean Le Bouthillier wrote at 12/24/2013 5:37:07 PM:

Hi HerpDerp, Thanks for the positive comment on the BI V2.0! Concerning the pricing of our early bird packages I can tell you that we wanted to offer really low promotional pricing to thank the earliest of backers. I can assure you that it's not economically possible to offer this 3D printer at these low prices (we took a hit as part of the promotion). We'd have to make thousands of them to be able to offer them at the "highly limited early bird specials". The printer will retail on our website at 799$ CDN once the kickstarter is complete. That being said, we have re-adjusted the prices to offer two levels: 685$ CDN & 699$ CDN We're gonna aim to get the largest qty of BI V2.0 sold during this Kickstarter campaign and the price will remain 699$ CDN. Our pricing is on par with the competitor's offering you mentioned and we have also shown truly functional elements such as the auto level probe and LCD controller. We ship standard with a powerful PSU, high performance heat bed and we will soon be updating our multiple extrusion results (we are still fine tuning a few aspects). Correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't think the competitor's offering supports ABS/Heat bed/Dual extrusion. As far as the assembly is concerned we take away the most time consuming steps such a stringing the towers (don't underestimate that one) and calibrating each NEMA17 individually for the correct steps/mm (this includes flashing the RUMBA with this information). We didn't want to throw a simple box of components at the user. The main reason for breaking the towers down is to dramatically reduce the shipping footprint. The result is a simple to assemble printer once you receive it. Regards, Jean Le Bouthillier Boots Industries

HerpDerp wrote at 12/24/2013 3:57:00 PM:

I like this one better than the deltaprintr, especially since they ship in April instead of July. The only issue is they sold our of their early pledges FAST. Going from 475 to 675 for the same DIY kit because of "early bird" is stupid. Either you are trying to make a killing on later kits, or just feel like taking a huge hit for the first 10? Either way you screwed me over, not paying $200 more for something just because I was 30min too late.

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