Jan.24, 2014

Barnacules Nerdgasm's Robo3D printer had a dependency on a computer to supply the GCODE to the Arduino board. So if there is anything wrong with the computer - it will crash, hang, reboot during a print job, then he will loose the print. For solving the problem and make his life easy, Barnacules made a Smart LCD Controller XXL for this Robo3D printer. Check the video below.

Barnacules explains:

This Smart LCD Controller XXL solves that problem by allowing the controller to directly control the Arduino board on your 3D printer without any external computer and it can feed the gcode from a simple SD memory card. This kit comes with a 4gb memory card and you can simply use your favorite slicer program like CURA or Repetier to prepare your print then save the code to the desk and select it from the dial on the LCD screen.

You can completely control the 3D printer from the very large and bright display and you can see the text clearly from across the room which makes this thing completely awesome. It's also very inexpensive for what you get and I would rank this as the single best upgrade you can do for your Robo 3D printer!

This is a very easy upgrade to do yourself and installation is simple. Just make sure you have time to go to the hardware store to find all the little nuts and bolts you need. I improvised with hardware on hand but you will get much better results yourself if you go buy the proper hardware to assemble it.

What's Included
A XXL Smart LCD Controller and a SD Card reader.
It comes with genuine sandisk 4gb card,
with 30-35cm long flat cables,
with the smart adaptor.


via: Youtube

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