Jan.24, 2014

Once was one of the coolest gadgets on CSI, but now one New Mexico police department has it. The Roswell Police Department has recently acquired a Faro 3D scanner which will be utilized in major accidents and crime scenes.

The 3D scanner utilizes a laser which "captures" information. Once the information is downloaded into the computer, the software creates a 3D image, which essentially allows officers to "fly" through scenes, said Roswell Police Detective Scott Stevenson.

All police have to do is turn the scanner on, put in the distance they want to scan and technology does the rest. After the scans are finished, they upload the data to their computers and then a 3-D panoramic picture appears. The 3D scanned crime scene will allow investigators to study a crime scene from multiple angles.

Image: Roswell Police

Officers participated in seven days' worth of intense training last week. By utilizing this equipment it will speed up the crime scene process. "Detectives will be able to use that panoramic image on an iPad or some type of tablet to sit here and just go through the scene zoom in zoom out of it," said Stevenson.

The high-tech software allows detectives to manipulate the image any which way they want. They can take measurements and even mark specific evidence. "We will be able to document scenes within the accuracy of a couple of millimeters," said Stevenson.

Image: Roswell Police

Stevenson says the device will also help them in court that officers will be able to have a better "picture" for the court and or jury to review. "It's going to give the judge and the jury a very accurate graphical image of what the scene consists of," he said.

That is something Stevenson says is nearly impossible to do using a normal 4×6 photo. "I believe it's going to help us in just about almost any investigation that we go to," he said.

According to Roswell police, the equipment/software is part of a capital outlay project which cost $86,000. The piece of machinery and software is something the police department has been trying to obtain since 2008.

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Micro Lebowski wrote at 1/27/2014 3:42:40 PM:

I'll bet Faro is working on Oculus Rift support.

James Monsen wrote at 1/24/2014 5:06:19 PM:

The FARO Focus is cool tech indeed, but you should check out the handheld 3D scanning solutions from Mantis-Vision for forensics.

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