Jan.29, 2014

Puzzling and 3D printing are united in a project by the 3D maker team "George Crowdsourcington" – the group hopes to complete a 3D printed bust of George Washington by the end of this week through a 3D printing collaboration.

Team "George Crowdsourcington" was one of 14 teams to present projects last weekend at the second annual Art Bytes Hackathon hosted by the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

Last week, as part of the museum's 3D scanning and modeling project undertaken by Direct Dimensions, a scan was made of a bust of George Washington. The bust is a copy of a statue in the style of Giuseppe Ceracchi's neoclassical "Bust of George Washington" (1791-1792) which is currently on display at the Walters Art Museum as part of the restoration of the nearby Washington Monument.

"George Crowdsourcington" used the 3D data from this scan and sliced it into 110 digital pieces – each tagged with specific coordinates (a handy feature for faster puzzling).

Through the site We the Builders, people may request to print out a piece of the puzzle with their home 3D printer – "George Crowdsourcington" hopes that these 3D-printed puzzle pieces will be returned to them by the end of this week so they are able to assemble a 3D replica of the Washington bust in exactly the same scale.

The creative and playful philosophy behind "George Crowdsourcington" is evident in the preamble to their constitution:

"We the People of the Maker-verse, in Order to form a more perfect replica of a copy of a statue in the style of Giuseppe Ceracchi's odd neoclassical "Bust of George Washington" (1791-1792), establish a Practice of Full 1:1 Scale Community Appropriation of Public Artworks, insure Art Curation/Museum critical controversy and policy discord, provide a new means of enjoying humanity's shared cultural capital, promote the general practice of Making and Personal Manufacture, and secure the Blessings of the Interwebbies to this Baltimore icon and other oft-neglected sculptural works of art in Perpetuity throughout the Universe known and unknown, do ordain and establish this Art Project for the People of the Internet and Land Territories."

To be part of this 3D printed George Washington puzzling project visit the We the Builders site.


Sources: technical.ly


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Todd Blatt wrote at 1/30/2014 2:20:03 AM:

We were asked today to be a part of the NY 3D Print Show. They want to feature George Crowdsourcington as the main piece in the show! Please help us out by printing out and mailing back a part so we can get it completed in time! www.wethebuilders.com

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