Feb.3, 2014

AT&T and 3D Systems, a leading 3D printer company, have entered a partnership which will allow 3D Systems' Cube 2 3D printers to be sold through the AT&T store. The growing accessibility and affordability of home 3D printers makes this an interesting development in the progress of consumer 3D printers.

The Cube 2 3D printers may be considered one of the easiest to use – just plug in and print. It's also relatively affordable compared to the prices of home 3D printers in the past years. AT&T offers this 3D printer for $1,229.00 with free shipping for online purchases.

The 3D printer uses recyclable ABS and compostable PLA in 16 colors (two are glow-in-the-dark). A cartridge of plastic costs around $50 – but may be purchased at a discount with other colors. Up to 14 midsized objects may be printed with a single cartridge of plastic. Each object may be printed with dimensions as large as 140 x 140 x 140 cm wide and with a resolution of 200 microns. The 3D printers are fully automated and come with 25 free professionally designed 3D files and is Wi-Fi capability.

As of Friday, AT&T had already sold out of their in-stock 3D Systems' Cube 3D printers. Larry Crenshaw, AT&T's director of strategic messaging, thinks 3D printers will develop along the same lines as traditional printers – with the use of home 3D printers growing as technology improves and prices drop. The partnership of AT&T and 3D Systems in selling Cube 3D printers may be considered a small step in this process.

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DonnyM wrote at 2/4/2014 4:03:01 AM:

Wow. $1200 for a printer that prints 55 inches cubed. Huge. You might want to change the CM to MM. Donny

Ben wrote at 2/3/2014 6:08:54 PM:

I understand partnering with Staples, but AT&T??? why? I mean they're listing it under wireless-accessory-specialty items, next to gloves and phone covers....

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