Mar.6, 2014

Wonder what a chair, sculpture or vase will look like before you print it? 3D Print Preview is an STL viewer mobile app that allows you to visualize and engage with 3D objects. You can choose the color, orientation, size and on some devices you can view it in real 3D.

Developed by Neo3Do, the app is available for all Android devices. The NEO3DO, a $349 Android tablet launched last summer, offers glasses-free 3D for starters. The NEO3DO is replete with a handful of 3D-focused apps, such as Phereo for 3D pictures and Bi3D Player which scans your Micro SD card or tablet for 3D videos.

If you have Neo3Do android tablet you can view stl objects in stereoscopic 3D without the need for glasses. The size of object file that can be used is dependent upon your device.

The app is unfortunately not free, it costs €3.63 and can be purchased here on Google Play.


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Bri wrote at 3/6/2014 2:10:31 PM:

Having a hard time figuring out what the value add of this program is.

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