May 3, 2014

With a background in product driven development, and a big fan of learning through building, Maker Jonathan Cook built a 3D printed smartwatch from the ground up. His project OSWatch won the MakerMedia Arduino Build Competition lately and will be displayed at Maker Faire Rome this Fall.

"When I started this project, I had a series of goals in mind." says Jonathan. He wanted to build the hardware with 100% Arduino compatibility, it should be compact but still have sufficient program memory for future updates. And the minimum battery life should be at least 1 day.

This is a time consuming project. Jonathan has spent the last nine months working on the development of the OSWatch. The watch face, watch back, logic frame, connection port and strap brace were all printed on a modified Printrbot Simple 3D printer.

The core of the watch consists of 3 small boards, a microduino core +, a Bluegiga ble112 chip, and a voltage regulator.

In addition to time and date functionality as normal watch, the OSWatch will also have email, Facebook notification, twitter updates function. Jonathan hopes the maker community would also help to expand the platform. "I see this first as an open source "pebble" type project," Jonathan told Makezine.

Jonathan has shared parts and tools list and instructions on how to build your very own open source watch on his website, where you can download stl files for 3D printable parts and the XCode and the Arduino files for free.

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