June 28, 2014

3D scanning captures the geometry of the 3D world, but most existing 3D scanner are expensive and require a complicated setup. TRNIO is a new app that aims to turn your iPhone into a high-quality 3D scanner, using its cloud service to convert your images into scans.

It is very simple to use TRNIO: you open the TRNIO app, press the "red" button to begin recording photos. Trnio provides two types of scanning, both are accessible through the center camera button. The first, object mode, is great for small objects. The object mode guides a user to move in a circular pattern around the object to do the scan. The second, scene mode, allows for free formed scanning. It is great for outdoors, and larger items.

Once complete, you can press the button again to end recording, then press "upload now" to generate a 3D model. A preview is ready 30 to 60 seconds after a scan is completed.

The TRNIO app allows anyone to create and use 3D models easily. 3D models can be viewed with standard zoom in / zoom out functionality on your iphone, similar to viewing your photos. However, the TRNIO app also allows you to rotate 3D models 360.

All the models on Trnio are available for download, you can use Meshlab, Blender, or an equivalent program to open the file, and then share your creations with friends on twitter and instagram.

The company was founded in 2012 by Jan-Michael Tressler and Dana Depew II. The startup says it is currently adding features to allow instant 3D printing, importing objects into your favorite games, and the creation of 3D for E-Commerce. In addition they can help print your 3D model creation or any 3D model you find on TRNIO with fees. You can find here the TRNIO tutorial, including description, tips, and methods of trimming, publishing, viewing a model and how to output and download a model. You can download the TRNIO app in the App Store for free.

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michael d. loe wrote at 4/14/2015 5:51:01 AM:

copy a fakeprint and send it two me , 2/5 box. , hinged on one side ,an opensble ,,3/5 , 2 or 3 deep. , with a round whole in.top. For a spoon to fit threw. , holds water in bottom an opens ,so I can cleen it in the sink. Michaelloe213@gmail.com

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