July 8, 2014

Nintendo is celebrating the 25th birthday of it's original Gameboy console this year. If you are a maker and have a 3D printer, you can now even build your own Game Boy with 3d printing and DIY electronics. Adafruit published a DIY project that shows you how to build a DIY Gamegirl using a Raspberry Pi, a SNES Controller and 3D printed house.

You will need the following parts and tools:


Raspberry Pi Model B
PiTFT Mini Kit
GPIO Pi Cable
PowerBoost 500
Micro Lipo Charger
SNES Controller
2200mAh lithium cylindrical battery

Tools & Supplies

3D Printer
Soldering Iron + Solder
Wire Strippers/Cutters
Third-helping hand
Panavise Jr.
Heat Shrink Pack
Fun-Tac, Putty

The 3D printed enclosure will house all the components and can be printed in your favorite color. The enclosure can be printed in two pieces, and they are optimized to print on any FDM 3d printer with a minim build area of 150mm x 150mm x 100mm. Adafruit suggests you to use Printrbot, TAZ4, RepRap or makerbot to print your parts. Then you can snap them together and secured with philips screws.

This design is optimized to print with no support material, and the tolerances are optimized for PLA filament, but you can also print it with ABS and other material types. You can download the .stl files here on Thingiverse.

Since this DIY project uses a Raspberry Pi Linux computer, you can run different emulators on it. In its detailed instruction here Adafruit also teaches you how to hack an SNES gaming controller and reuse the printed circuit board, buttons and elastomers.

The project also includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a SD card slot so you can run various games. This DIY Gamegirl is not designed for beginners and has requirements on soldering and wiring. But it is well an interesting project for any DIY hobbyists to try.

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A j wrote at 8/9/2014 3:03:38 PM:

Hi please provide me info about 3d printer which can print circuits board and chip for my projects and also can print small motors and what company make that printer ,you can email me tonygrt33@yahoo.com

AMnerd wrote at 7/8/2014 2:34:59 PM:

Also, please using the word hack where it doesn't belong. In this case the SNES controller is repurposed and in no way hacked.

GameBoy wrote at 7/8/2014 2:34:34 PM:

This is super cool!

AMnerd wrote at 7/8/2014 2:31:18 PM:

It looks massive

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