Sep 11, 2014

MakerMex, a startup based in Mexico, is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the company's latest 3D printer, the MM1 modular 3D printer.

What makes the MM1 unique is its modular design and interchangeable extrusion heads, as well as its additional accessories that allow users to customize their 3D printer with add-ons, such as Wi-Fi capabilities, auto-leveling beds, heated beds, acrylic enclosed walls, additional extruders and more.

This new system will be capable of printing single extrusion, dual extrusion and paste extrusion in a multitude of different materials like ceramic, chocolate, batter, rubber, plastics, conductive material, clay etc.

"We're modeling this printer after the Automotive Industry, or even like IKEA, in the sense that we're providing a unique, customizable experience for those interested in 3D printing," says Sam Weatherly, Owner of MakerMex. "Because it prints with multiple extrusion options in many different materials, the MM1 really is the perfect printer for just about anyone. You can print with chocolate one minute and PLA plastic the next – the possibilities are inspiring."

The MM1 comes with a standard extrusion system for printing ABS and PLA, flexible PLA, conductive material and wood-based filament. Users can purchase a number of add-ons: a high-temperature extruder for nylon and polycarbonate; a paste extruder for chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic and plasticine clay; a dual extrusion system for bicolor and support material; and an auto-leveling bed for beginners and children to advanced makers.

The Kickstarter campaign for the MM1 is set to launch on Thursday, October 2nd with a funding goal of $50,000. Those interested in backing the project can pre-order the MM1 at that time for $999 and help the team at MakerMex raise the funding necessary for mass production.


Print Area (build volume): 20x20x20 cm
Overall Printer Size: 49x37.5x49 cm
Print Speed: 300 mm/s
Resolution: .03 mm layer height


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Dave wrote at 10/8/2014 8:59:02 PM:

Really looking forward to this project getting funded! I hate buying something that is guaranteed to be obsolete within a few months.

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