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Some very interesting pieces were on display at this year's Intel Design Forum 2014, which was held in San Francisco from 9 to 11 September. But one object, quite literally, stood out among the others: a model wearing a 3D printed 'smart dress' covered in flashing lights. What's so smart about this 'synapse dress? This dress essentially reflects the wearer's state of mind and displays these through various lights and other gimmicks. Could this be the way all of us will be dressing in 10 years' time?

The dress itself is printed in a mixture of plastic and silicone called TPU material. The dress was printed in two sections and then draped over the model who was showing it off. The various decorations that cover the dress have also been made with 3D printing technology.

The synapse dress was designed through a collaboration of Intel's New Devices Group and the ever original Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. If her name might not be familiar, her works certainly are. She is one of the pioneers of the 'fashion-tech' field that has been slowly emerging in recent years, which is characterized by futuristic outfits that combine the latest technological developments with innovative ideas about what clothes are. In her portfolio, you'll find outfits like the Smoke Dress –which emits some actual smoke – and the Intimacy 2.0 dress, that can become transparent.

The synapse dress itself easily fits in that same list of dresses, as it interacts with the wearer's brain waves. It comes with a headband that monitors the wearer's EEG brain activity, and uses that collected data to control certain functions on the dress. The dress itself runs on an Intel Edison processor, a platform made by Intel that isn't yet commercially available. This will also enable the dress to connect to various devices and the internet.

The dress comes with various cool options. For instance, the lights that cover this outfit are turned up or down in reaction to brain activity. Getting some unwanted attention? The dress will pick up on the brain activities that correspond to that, and will turn the lights on full – the equivalent of 120 watts! – to let the other person know you want some space. The dress also comes with a camera embedded in the chest, that can be turned on by focusing a lot. It really covers the wearer in technology.

Todd Harple, a member of Intel's New Devices Group, was present to discuss this unique outfit. Harple said the dress designs will be shared with the Maker movement so we should find out in the near future. He praised the designer, saying, 'Anouk likes to make designs that play with notions of personal space. It's not just a dress with lights'. Instead, it is designed to interact with one's inner thoughts and personality, and in this the synapsis dress follows the same line as her other creations. 'This is the first in a series. If you look at the history of Anouk's dresses, they are very intriguing.' Perhaps it will even point us towards the future of our wardrobes.

Watch short videos on the synapse dress here:


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manko wrote at 9/12/2014 10:03:52 PM:

I love the boobs on the head look.

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