Aug. 15, 2014

Generating your own electricity can be very convenient if you depend on your location and situation. With your generated electricity, you can run a gate or garage door opener, save your energy cost, charge a car, and even become energy independence.

Polish company Omni3D has recently launched AirEnergy3D project, a mobile, 3D printed foldable wind turbine that can generate and store 300W of power. AirEnergy3D is a cheap, customizable device that you can fit in backpack and take camping or set up on your roof or balcony.

AirEnergy3D is now launched now Kickstarter in order to raise funds to finish the design and prepare production of preassembled kits. But the team says that they will make AirEnergy3D open source to allow anyone to build their own power generator.

AirEnergy3D turbine consists of a basic kit, some electrical parts, and 3D printed parts. Once you have AirEnergy3D setup you can plug-in directly using a USB extension cord and charge your smartphone and power your laptop at the same time. It is also enough to power several light bulbs. You can use AirEnergy3D to charge a battery or plug it directly to your wall socket so that your entire household can use the generated power. All you need is WIND.

The team behind AirEnergy3D, is Omni3d, a 3d printer manufacturer from western Poland. "We know 3d printing is more than just a cool gadget for your desktop. We want to show how it can actually improve our lives TODAY." notes the company.

The startup got their inspiration from the Obama administration which plans to spend $7 billion to help bring electricity to sub-Saharan region in Africa. There is a problem with power-lines there and the only option is to transport batteries and charge them at a station.

AirEnergy3D's goal is to bring "clean, mobile, and renewable energy to every doorstep around the world", said Konrad Sierzputowski, co-founder of Omni3D.

AirEnergy3D Basic Kit costs 350$ on Kickstarter, and the team is hoping to raise £19,000 in one month. Up to now they have received £2,648 totally. For every 2,500£ raised they will send one fully working AirEnergy3D with preprinted propellers to African villages where energy is most needed.

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Alex wrote at 8/18/2014 1:46:15 AM:

Michaelc, I think you are correct. The statement "wind turbine that can generate and store 300W of power" probably means left running over time it will store 300Wh perhaps.

michaelc wrote at 8/16/2014 12:40:37 AM:

You would have to have a turbine that size in a gale (which would probably destroy it) to get even 200 watts out of it. In normal winds <15mph it probably outputs closer to 20 watts.

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