Oct. 8, 2014 | By Alec

3D printing is slowly becoming more and more common in everyday life, as more and more household objects can now be easily printed with your very own desktop 3D extrusion printer. However, a collaboration between French 3D printing provider leFabShop and biannual French trade fair Maison & Objet – which is one of Europe's most important interior design events – is taking things to a whole new level.

Together, they have released the Maison & Objet line, a series of 3D printable objects including lamps, clocks and containers inspired by the three cities that are currently hosting the international exhibition 'Maison & Objet': Paris, Miami and Singapore. All objects are fully 3D printable and have been designed by Samuel N. Bernier, creative director of leFabShop.

M&O PARIS LAMP, inpsired by Gustave Eiffel's most famous architecture. The shape of this object reminds the metal structure of the Eiffel Tower.

As they explained, Bernier wanted to explore a wholly new type of product design, enabled by 3D printing:

He imagined a production cycle where the creator removes any middle man between the consumer and himself. The people who will download the objects will have the liberty to choose the material and color they prefer before producing the design. Even better, each lamps and clocks being built on the same base, the owner of different designs is able to combine them, giving him almost infinite possibilities.

The Miami range transcribes the sunny light characteristic of Florida. An energetic yellow color reminiscent beaches, people, streets, textures.

Bernier conceived each object with desktop 3D printing in mind, and this can definitely been seen. The assembly enables MakerBot users to build a 30cm wide lamp on a simple MakerBot Replicator (or any other 3D printer). Owners of the brand new MakerBot Z18 will be able to print the entire lamp all at once, without support material.

The Singapore category handles deftly the concept of transparency. He chose this thansparency to represent the omnipresence of water in this maritime city, it also recalls the reflections in the windows of many skyscrapers.

All 3D files of this collection can be downloaded exclusively from the French 3D printing marketplace Cults. But don't worry, they're not a cult. Instead, their name is an anacycle: Read it backwards and it becomes St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors.

As Hugo, one of the masterminds behind Cults told us, 'This art project is a true shift because it aims to empower people. They have the opportunity to be both: manufacturer, consumer and critical of their own design products.'

This impressive collection thus enables everyone to tackle two projects at once. Not only does it provide you with an interesting 3D printing project, but it will also finally give you an incentive to start redecorating. You can find the beautiful Maison & Object series in the Cult store here.

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