Oct. 29, 2014 | Don Foley

Cuffs and Keys (bones not included)

This is a free post from Don just for Halloween fun. Don builds a huge set in his front yard every Halloween and cooks up a huge pot of Gumbo for his friends and neighbors. Since Don also loves 3D printing, he needed to do a few things on his annual stage that he 3D printed. This is one of the items he produced, and is going to leave free on his website (for the moment).

So here is a set of skeleton keys, and a set (if you print it twice) of cuffs and chains).

Cuff and chain in Simplify3D

After Don builds his 3D model in Lighwave 3D, he processes the document through Simplify3D, which allows him to set his printer settings. In this case, like many others, he sets his printer for PLA at 205°, 0.20 mm height, 3500 mm per minute. Don actually was concerned how SO many tight arches for the chains would print. But his print worked perfectly. In fact, each link had a separate peg, and that doubled the challenge. Yet, everything ran perfect on his Wanhao Duplicator 4S.

As complex as this print is…it printed fine on my Wanhao Duplicator 4S. Three times.

The keys rendered out in Simplify3D.

Let's take a pause here and talk about Simlify3D. This comes up a lot, and people ask "why pay for a slicer, there are may free ones." And Don's answer is very simple…they are free for a reason. He respects open source software, but he didn't start publishing on a regular basis until he bought Simplify3D. At this point we'll also note that Don has never gotten a dime from this company. He bought the program. But every other slicer failed him. Then he used Simplify3D. Since then he prints complex builds….INCREDIBLY complex builds, with no problem. He also uses Scotch Brand tape, a MK9 Head, a Lexan bed and about a dozen other things. Bottom line, they all work, and he builds crazy that that print. If you were to ask….'what is the FIRST thing that helped make a successful print" he would say…use Simplify3D.

keythumbsPrint of the keys before painting

When the print was done, Don painted it with Modern Masters Iron Paint Effects, and then detailed it with the Modern Masters Rust Effector. The result was fantastic.

The file can be downloaded here for free.

This print was a LOT of fun, mostly because it took a VERY small amount to actually design it, and it prints well. But also because I designed it it use on my own Halloween display, and I hope it will serve you well. I do make a living off my designs, so I hope you will buy my other prints.

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