Jan 9, 2015

London based product designer Kirby Downey has a passion for 3D printing. Earlier we reported that he 3D prints an extremely cool replica of the Thunderlord exotic gun from the brand-new Destiny video game in real life. And last month, he even created a giant 3D printed replica of the Frostmourne blade from the Warcraft franchise.

Downey has an eye for detail and have many experiences in 3D modeling and printing. Most recently, he has come up with another impressive creation: a 3D printed, life-sized Thorn exotic hand cannon from Destiny.

Destiny is a first-person shooter released in early September 2014. The game features a whole arsenal of different weapons, and Thorn is said to be the hardest gun to get in the game. To make the prop, Downey says that he designed the model using Solidworks and the process took him 10 hours. Then he printed all the pieces at 0.2mm, 10%infill. "The two barrel parts and the handle should be printed upright with the zig zag in the bed. the trigger mech parts should be printed with the flattest face on the bed." he explains. It took approximately 24 hours to print all the pieces.

By simply using an interlocking mechanism, the entire gun can be assembled without the need for any glue. It includes rotating barrel, hammer and even has a working trigger.

"I have replicated the unique trigger interaction that you get in the game where if you slowly squeeze the trigger button the hammer moves back slowly in the game," he writes. "The spring action is created with a simple loom band which can be seen in the images. The model also features a rotating barrel and a reload mechanism which simulates the action in the game."

Like it? You can actually recreate this very cool creation at home, on just about any FDM 3D printer. Simply head over to Kirby's profile page on My Mini Factory here, and download the necessary files for free.


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I want thorn wrote at 2/16/2016 5:44:24 AM:

We're can I get one of these?

bryce wrote at 4/1/2015 4:40:45 AM:

what printer did you use to print the thorn

Lel wrote at 1/19/2015 3:48:42 PM:

Real headline: "Hey Everyone, There's a Destiny Fan!"

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