Jan 23, 2015 | By Simon

Natural News, a natural health and self-reliance website based outside of Austin, Texas, has announced today that they will have a 3D printer farm up and running soon in the Lone Star state in the southern USA.

While it’s unclear exactly what will be offered from the print farm, Natural News Health Ranger Mike Adams says that the parts will be offered to the public at a very reasonable price or be able to be downloaded for free in the case that a user owns their own 3D printer.  

“The Natural News print farm is based in the business-friendly state of Texas, where we are creating jobs like crazy and bringing innovative new technology to one of the few states that still respects basic liberties and fundamental entrepreneurship,” said Adams in the announcement.  

According to Adams, the Texas-based 3D print farm is secured with numerous “finely-honed firearms openly carried on the hips of numerous people [with concerns to security]” and so you shouldn’t expect any burglaries to happen in the facility.  

Adams is quick to note that Texas’ own 3D printed gun Defense Distributed project from the infamous Cody Wilson is likely to drive “control freaks crazy and send freedom-hating politicians into seizures and fits,” however he assures everybody that his own inventions have nothing to do with weapons and are primarily focused on new innovations in food self-reliance, home-grown medicine and food-based supplements.  

Currently, Adams and Natural News are using both FlashForge and Type A Machines 3D printers running at the farm although he anticipates the arrival of an Ultimaker 2 and a Lulzbot Mini in the very near future.

Why buy different 3D printers?  

Adams states that they plan on personally testing each of the 3D printers with a few hundred hours of 3D prints and then assess which one to continue stocking their farm with based on its performance... not a bad strategy if you have the upfront capital for multiple desktop 3D printers.

Although Adams anticipates having a fully-stocked 3D printer farm for developing their in-house designs, he’s hoping that users will be able to download and print their own parts over time for fear of not being able to meet consumer demand for the parts... to which he adds:

“After all, this is all about the revolution of self-reliance and home-based production, which means I want YOU to produce your own parts!”  

Perhaps most importantly however, is that Adams plans on passing down what he learns through operating the printer farm back down to the readers of Natural News so that they can avoid the trials and mistakes that he is anticipating along the way. Among other 3D printing tests he has planned are material types, adhesion materials, print speeds, temperatures and other factors that can make or break a high-quality 3D print. 

“Whatever works best will be openly communicated with Natural News readers so that you can replicate my results and print these amazing inventions for yourself,” adds Adams.  

The Natural News crew is currently pushing hard to get their systems up and running in the 3D printer farm and are expected to have an official launch in the last week of February.  You can stay updated on their progress and follow along with Adams’ documentation of operating the farm over at FoodRising.org.  


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