Feb. 13, 2015

Stacker 3D has teamed up with 3D printer filament manufacturer ColorFabb to launch an 'affordable commercial grade' 3D printer 'STACKER'.

The 3D printer will be made available via a Kickstarter Campaign in just a few days. Designed for offices, schools, maker spaces and small and medium-sized companies, STACKER features many unique innovations including:

Up to 4X faster print speeds for multiple objects: STACKER's "multi-print" technology allows you to print up to 4 of the same objects, at the same time, in different colors, and with different types of filaments. It can be equipped with up to four different extruders.

Modular Construction: STACKER is available in both desktop and mobile configurations. Simply add the full height frame option to your desktop model and caster option, and now you have the ultimate mobile printer. The casters have a built-in suspension system for smooth rolling. STACKER has also an expandable Z-axis, meaning that you can increase the printing height of your desktop printer from 220mm to over 600mm.

Huge Build Volume: The new printer features a huge build volume. Desktop models have a print size of 250 x 450 x 220mm, while its full height mobile models have a print size of 250 x 450 x 600mm.

HYBRID Hot End: The STACKER printer comes with a new hybrid hot end. This hot end has quick change nozzles that come in two types: one nozzle for lower melt filaments (like PLA and ABS), and another nozzle for higher melt filaments (like nylon and some copolyesters). "By engineering two different nozzle types, we have eliminated jamming and other common hot end failures. Quick change nozzles also make it easy to change tip sizes." says Stacker 3D.

Universal Filament Compatibility: STACKER has been specifically designed to run colorFabb composite filaments by incorporating robust filament drives, low friction guides, and high wear nozzles. To keep printing costs affordable for almost anybody, STACKER uses a universal filament rail that accepts any filament on the market.

Polymer Bearings: Additionally STACKER uses custom polymer bearings that are adjustable for perfect tolerances. According to the company, these bearings do not use grease or oil, and require zero maintenance. These bearings can be used in harsh environments filled with contaminants and moisture, and they are highly effective at absorbing vibrations.

STACKER will retail at $5995. And every new STACKER 3D printer will ship with a spool of XT-CF20, ColorFabb's new carbon fiber filament.

"Their company philosophy is the same as ours, produce class leading products that are innovative, functional, and safe for the end user," explained ColorFabb. "STACKER has been specifically designed to run colorFabb composite filaments by incorporating robust filament drives, low friction guides, and high wear nozzles."

"Colorfabb just released this new filament, and it's everything most users are looking for in a filament: incredibly stiff, strong layer bonds, lightweight, and tough. Having tested this filament for many weeks, we can tell you it's the best filament we have ever used." said Norston Fontaine of Stacker 3D.



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Tunuva wrote at 2/18/2015 12:50:47 AM:

Pickler of Rare Breeds has a very very good point.

Tinkerman wrote at 2/14/2015 8:39:20 PM:

Their extruder remind Micron3dp all-metal extruder...

john wrote at 2/14/2015 4:35:09 PM:

Very nice. Never seen anything like it. Can we be notified about the kickstarter launch

Pickler of Rare Breeds wrote at 2/14/2015 11:11:03 AM:

It's a nice concept, but I can have six independent printers for that price. Each one able to duplicate or make individual parts, any machine failure still means I can print five parts. A screw up here could mean a lot of wasted filament.

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