Apr. 4, 2015 | By Alec

There are quite a few apps out there that can help unexperienced designers to make their first steps into 3D printable design, but not all are as useful or intuitive as the rest. While some are free, others seem pointless to purchase and make you wonder what these add to the possibilities of 3D design. Fortunately, a new free 3D design app has just gone into its beta phase that indisputably adds a fun and useful dimension to the world of digital design: the Minecraft-esque UNTITLED Creator app.

As you can see in these screenshots, the new and free UNTITLED Creator app is perfect for making wild and original pixelated designs in a style that unavoidably takes users back to all those hours spent in your Minecraft world or even all the way back to NES-era Mario adventures. Designed by the Thailand-based 3D printing web-app and marketplace Treebuild, its perfect for quickly and easily making pixelated artworks.

However, more than just fun, its also practical. UNTITLED Creator will enable all users to export their designs into any format you’d like, making it easy to create stl or other 3D printable files. As its developers explain to 3ders.org, the app also comes with a number of features to make design as easy and efficient as possible. ‘The users can start with a blank canvas or build on selections of fun template; be it avatar, text, or any model of their imagination for free. Then they can choose to save their work into STL, OBJ, X3D, 3DDOM, HTML, or VRML, or sent them for a 3d printing service which will deliver right to their home,’ they explain.

Features for sending designs straight to 3D printing marketplaces are currently being developed for the final product, which will obviously come with a fee for shipping and 3D printing. If you’d like to give this free app a try, a web-based beta version can currently be found here. Users are invited to send feedback to the app’s Thai developers, who will provide you with perks and freebies in return when the app is finally ready to launch.


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