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It goes without saying, but thanks to the low-cost of 3D printing compared to more traditional fabrication methods, design concepts that may have resided in the back pages of a designer’s notebook are able to come to fruition easier than ever before.  No longer is approval needed from a corporate board meeting to send something off to be manufactured; now, if somebody has an idea for a new toy, game or other invention, they can simply test it out by creating a single 3D print and posting it online to share.  

Among others, the Cults 3D print marketplace has made it easier than ever before for designers and inventors to share their concepts with the world.  The marketplace is dedicated towards helping bring well-crafted 3D printed objects to a new generation of consumers who are interested in receiving their products fresh off of a 3D printer.   

Among others who have taken advantage of the platform is Spanish designer Empezando Diseño, a product designer with a degree focus on both engineering and industrial design from the University of Zaragoza in Zaragoza, Spain.  Since finishing school in 2012, Diseño has been working for a variety of companies as well as working on her own designs.  

More recently, the talented designer has designed and modeled for 3D printing a game for dogs that is capable of being 3D printed by dog owners around the world using the Cults platform.


Designed to help spur canine intelligence, the “Dog’s Game” 3D printable set consists of a variety of pieces that hide food for the dog to find.  Among other things, the game helps the animal to develop their nose and teach them methods of eliminating obstacles in order to reach their ‘treat’ prize.  In total, the game consists of 6 small pieces and one large centerpiece to house the smaller pieces.

According to Diseño, this is the second iteration of the Dog’s Game.  The prior iterations was very simple for her dog, so this iteration adds a bit more difficulty for those dogs that might have a penchant for finding treats easily.  Among other design changes include smaller pieces and subsequently, smaller holes for the dogs to get their treats out of.  Additionally, Diseño redesigned the forms and obstacles to make finding the prize that much more difficult.  Depending on the degree of difficulty users want to give their dogs, there are four renditions of the game based on four separate piece forms.  

For less than $8 USD to download the 3D printable files, this is certainly a treat for both dogs and their human owners.  



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