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When I was a child I was never allowed to slurp up the remaining milk from my breakfast bowl, something which I never understood. But invariably, whenever parents leave the room and kids do start slurping the rationale behind it is quickly understood: everything gets covered in milk or whatever else your child was having. As if mornings weren’t stressful enough. Fortunately, there’s now a 3D printing solution that will satisfy parents and children alike: the 3 printed Slrp bowl, that has been ergonomically designed to be drinkable, fun, safe and even sealable.

The Slrp is the result of a collaboration between four fathers and one friend (Jack, Peter, Sean, Steve and Trey). All of them have backgrounds in product development, retail, manufacturing, design, services, and logistics, and they stuck their heads together to make a product for the kids they love and families everywhere. ‘It was simple, create a product, make it fun, easy to use, kid-friendly and parent approved. The product needs to be safe, BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwavable. But most of all, durable. The requirements are easy, it needs to be colorful, simple and sealable,’ they say.

The result? A 3D printed bowl that will give kids (of any age) the enjoyment of slurping without the danger of ruining your outfit. As you can see in the images, it features an almost egg-like shape to make it easier to hold (even for small hands) and an end that is much easier to drink from. Moreover, it comes with a lid to make storage and travel hassle-free, a rubberized non-slip base and rim for easy holding and even measuring lines to help parents keep track of how much their kids are eating. ‘Slrp is a fresh take on the bowl.  It's packed with features to make your life easier and make food more fun,’ it’s developers say.

It is, in short, a very clever 3D printed solution that will doubtlessly make the lives of parents easier, something illustrated by the enthusiastic responses from parents who had the chance to test a 3D printed prototype. ‘I have 4 and 6 year olds who eat a bowl of cereal every single morning. My girls would love having Slrp bowls and unlike any of our other dishwear, would ask for it by name. The Slrp team has crafted an artful and fun solution to getting my kids focused on eating. Attempting to raise a child without Slrp is crazy,’ mother Brooks from Colorado said in response.

The only problem with the Slrp is that it doesnt exist yet. Only a number of 3D printed prototypes have so far been made, but the goal is to actually take these to retail. ‘Slrp will be a consumer-grade product that you would see in retail stores (versus a hand made or low volume product whose quality would vary from bowl to bowl).  This means using the safest materials, consistent, reliable production, long term durability, and delivering on all the promises we have made,’ the father/dude team says.

And that’s where Kickstarter comes in. ‘To do this right and still make the bowls at an affordable price point, we have to produce at least 7,000 bowls, which equates to a funding goal of $70,000,’ they say. This should cover all the manufacturing costs and enable the Slrp to become a reality. But it remains to be seen if they’ll reach that amount in pledges, as they’ve only raised just under $5,000 so far. So if you have a couple of hell spawn creatures at your breakfast table every morning and want to make things easier for yourself, then definitely go to Kickstarter here and support this fantastic concept. A pledge of $21 is enough to get your hands on two early bird bowls!



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dan wrote at 5/19/2015 10:21:18 PM:

A toilet bowl!

AMnerd wrote at 5/19/2015 9:21:58 AM:

????? It's just a bowl!

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