July 17, 2015 | By Simon

Although we’ve seen multiple different frame designs for 3D printed eyewear, we haven’t been seeing so much in the realm of the actual lenses themselves being 3D printed on a wide scale - however that soon may change.

LUXeXceL, a Netherlands-based company that was the first company to be able to fully 3D print optical lenses, has just announced that they have received €7.5 million  in series B funding to further extend their reach into the optics industry, where many lenses are manufactured using traditional manufacturing techniques including injection molding.


“This strong investor was already successful in developing companies in the 3D printing space,” said Richard van de Vrie, President and founder of Luxexcel.

“It is a great asset to have them on board. I am sure that with these investments Luxexcel will enhance its global leadership position in the Additive Manufacturing of lenses and optical components”.

While accurately 3D printing an optical lens shape to conform to the parameters of a specific pair of glasses is something that seemingly any 3D printer could do if given transparent material and the right post-processing tools, this feat has only been accomplished by LUXeXceL with their own Printoptical technology.  

Designed for both prototyping as well as developing final manufactured lenses, LUXeXceL’s Printoptical technology optimizes the lens manufacturing process with consideration to scattering and surface roughness, among other factors, to create custom lens designs that are made with the highest standard in transparency and smoothness.    

“We are very pleased to announce the completion of this B-round.” said LUXeXceL CEO Eric Tierie. “The strong partners in this funding round share the vision that our technology and worldwide unique 3D printing service will offer new opportunities and novel optical products to many different markets”.

The company is planning to use the newly-injected funds to not only accelerate the growth of its 3D printing technology platform, but also develop additional 3D printing capabilities for other applications.  Since the launch of their Printoptical Technology in 2010, the company has raised a total of € 17.5 million in funding including the newly-acquired €7.5 million.  Additionally, the company has grown to include 25 employees and has even expanded to include an online ordering platform for international clients.  Among other services offered to optical designers include lens design, prototyping, testing,  refinement and manufacturing of custom optical components - all within a matter of days rather than weeks compared to more traditional methods.

“We’re convinced that the company will change the way optics are designed, produced, and digitally stored across many different market segments,” added investor Roald Borré.  “Our team is looking forward to help Luxexcel to accelerate the digitization of optics manufacturing”.



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