July 19, 2015 | By Simon

Although there are thousands of designs available for users to download and 3D print at home (or purchase and have 3D printed by a third-party), the ability for anyone and everyone to upload a design has made it difficult to wade through ‘very great’ designs and those that may have been experiments during the learning process of 3D modeling.  

Thankfully, 3D file sharing hub Cults understands this and has done everything that they can to provide a quality control filter for the content that they share - which ranges from 3D printed desk organizers to even fully-functional skateboard decks and more.

More recently however, the file sharing hub - whose name is a reverse play on St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors - has been focusing their efforts on high-quality interior design elements such as the 3D Printed Window Herb Garden by designer Nick Friez.  This week, the company announced yet another 3D printable design that’s sure to add a touch of modern design to anybody’s home in the form of a simple floor lamp.  

The SMF.01 lamp, which was created by Polish designers Miłosz Dąbrowski and Justyna Fałdzińska of UAU Project, is a part of the designers’ SMF (Self Made Furnitures) project that aims to include a series of designs over time that can be 3D printed and combined with other elements including wood.  The decision to make the collection 3D printable is to help encourage and inspire people to become makers.

For the SMF.01 lamp design, all of the joinery pieces are 3D printed and help support a wooden structure consisting of wood pieces that can be found pre-sized at local hardware stores.  The idea was to make the design, fabrication and assembly of the lamp as simple, cheap and accessible as possible.    

The assembly process for the lamp is very simple and doesn’t require any specialized skills other than connecting parts together.  Additionally, thanks to the easy interlocking design considerations, there is no need for fasteners including glue, nails or other products.

“We are young product and graphic design studio based in Warsaw, Poland,” explain the designers.  

“Our designs are Eco friendly and made from natural materials. If we produce something ourselves, we do it with help of local manufacturers. We want to evolve continuously, that's why we always try to design new things, cope with new problems and have new ideas.”

Needless to say, the lamp design is an excellent example of how designs can be made more eco friendly through the use of localized manufacturing and parts that can be sourced locally from hardware stores.  

Those interested in building their own lamp can purchase the STL files for $6.52 over on Cults while the assembly instructions can be found here.  


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