Aug 18, 2015 | By Simon

When it comes to 3D printed sculptures and figurines, some of the best examples of what’s possible in terms of quality and execution have come from gamers who also possess a unique talent for creating digital sculpted models.  Among others, Andy de Bruin from Zeeland, Netherlands is a fan of both the digital sculpting program Zbrush and the game Starcraft.   

Recently, the talented digital sculptor took to Zbrush to create a digital 3D model of ‘Baneling’ from the StarCraft 2 game and 3D printed it using different materials to highlight the creature’s unique attributes - including glow in the dark features made from Glow in the Dark PLA.      

“I really love the creatures and mech-design Blizzard makes with the StarCraft 2 universe. I really wanted to see if I could model a Baneling,” explains de Bruin.

“I made a Zbrush sculpt some time ago and I recently got myself a 3D printer for very cheap. So, I just had to print this bad boy (or girl).  Turned out pretty well I reckon.”

To create the Baneling, de Bruin started in Zbrush and modeled the creature from scratch using only reference images.  Once the creature was sculpted, he optimized each of the parts for 3D printing before sending the files to the printer.  

Because of the small build plate of his second generation Cubify 3D printer (14x14x14cm), de Bruin had to resort to slicing a number of parts up, however they were re-attached after the printing process to create larger parts as he had intended.

Each of the parts was printing in PLA and according to de Bruin, the printer did a good job overall producing the parts, however there were still some imperfections in the final parts which he was able to fix using Alabastine Spray filler - a combination filler and paint primer -  further along in his workflow.  

“After lots of layers of the Alabastine spray, I did some time sanding to smooth things down and layer yet again with the spray filler. The teeth were a bit jagged unfortunately but that's all to do with the size and detail in there,” he explains.  

He is also quick to note that his printer is only able to print at a 200 micron resolution at most, whereas he would prefer to have at least 50 microns or less layer height for the added amount of detail.    

Although he admits that he is “far from a model kit builder”, de Bruin wanted to go the extra mile in creating a high quality finished product with his Baneling.  Using the Alabastine spray - along with some filling putty - he filled out all of the leftover ridges and gaps to create a seamless and smooth model.  

Once he had finalized sculpting the body, he let the model dry before giving it a final sanding to smooth it down before painting.  Finally, the painting was done using a number of high -quality modeling paints.

The finished model - combined with the use of Glow in the Dark PLA - is certainly something that any StarCraft fan would want in their home!


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