Oct 27, 2015 | By Tess

A startup named Laykanics has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in the efforts of teaching the principles of mechanical engineering through an engaging, dynamic, and fun way with the help of 3D printing.

Essentially, Laykanics would function as a subscription based website and service through which members could download .STL files designed by the team at Laykanics. From the files, members could then 3D print the parts to build devices that would illustrate certain principles of mechanical engineering. In addition to the .STL files, members would also receive a kit consisting of external components to build their devices. The kits would include such varied bits as solar panels, electric motors, O-rings, nuts and bolts, and any other piece necessary for the device. Notable as well, and crucial to Laykanics’ philosophy, each .STL file downloaded would also come with the assembly instructions for the device in question, 3D printing tips to make it, and the mechanical engineering theory behind the device to be built.

In doing this, Laykanics hope to use the accessibility of 3D printing technology as well as the hands on approach of building a device yourself in order to promote and spread their own passion for engineering and science. 3D printing technology has provided them with the unique opportunity of being able to design specific parts for a device that can be easily reproduced in the comfort of your own home. As stated on their Indiegogo page, “We want to fuel interest in the modern generations to become awesome Technologists and face the complex challenges of the world.”

New devices and mechanisms, designed and tested by the Laykanics team, will be released onto their website at least twice a month, with the potential of having devices released every week.

Laykanics was started by Alfonso Villanueva, an MIT graduate, who has worked as a designer for nearly 15 years in the Energy and Aerospace sector (Turbomachinery). Villanueva has since taken on a more entrepreneurial position as he hopes to educate people and promote the learning of mechanical engineering through Laykanics. His passion and enthusiasm for exploring new technologies are what inspired him to incorporate 3D printing technology into his work. Villanueva is currently based in the United Kingdom.  

Laykanics' PTUBE project to measure air speed

The Indiegogo campaign runs until the end of November and has as its goal $10,000 (it is a flexible funding campaign). The rewards for backing the project include newsletters, trial or full memberships to the Laykanics website, and the additional kits, which can be shipped worldwide. The funding for the project will go towards expanding the Laykanics team with the hope of having more, and increasingly varied devices to be made.



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