Mar 17, 2016 | By Benedict

FARO Technologies Inc., a 3D scanning and measurement specialist, has announced the launch of the FARO Early Adopter (EA) Program, through which customers can gain early access to new FARO products. The first product released within the program will be the FARO BIM Scan Localizer.

In the 3D measurement industry, new technology comes thick and fast. To keep ahead of the curve, surveyors, forensics teams, construction firms, and other users of such equipment need to constantly upgrade their hardware. Because of this need, FARO, a leading provider of 3D scanners and imaging technology, has devised a unique program through which companies can gain that all-important technological edge over competitors, by receiving new and disruptive products before they even hit the market.

The FARO EA Program has been established to provide select customers with early access to new FARO products, and to give them the chance to work one-on-one with FARO Labs engineers to develop future innovative products. The scheme will ostensibly provide benefits to both FARO and its customers, by securing brand loyalty and sales for the Lake Mary, Florida-based 3D measurement firm whilst providing loyal customers with the most cutting-edge equipment available.

"Our top priority remains a passionate commitment to innovative and disruptive research and development," said Dr. Simon Raab, President and CEO of FARO Technologies. "To further increase the value of these investments to our customers, we have decided to provide them early and accelerated access to disruptive products and ultimately provide the customers in our various vertical markets with unique productivity solutions.”

To coincide with the announcement of the EA Program, FARO has also unveiled its new BIM Scan Localizer, an add-on device for the Faro Focus3D laser scanner which streamlines the on-site registration process. The new Scan Localizer combines information from multiple sensors and software algorithms to determine the exact position of the 3D scanner inside a building, allowing for accurate and error-free registration with efficiency gains of up to 2-5x over alternative solutions. The device uses FARO’s SCENE software package and a dedicated Scan Localizer app to enable customers to automatically stitch together the 3D model of the 3D scanned location.

The FARO BIM Scan Localizer, just like all FARO products, was developed with customer needs in mind. "What sets FARO apart is a tremendous passion to provide simpler and more economic measurement solutions for our customers", said Dr. Bernd Becker, Chief Technology Strategist and FARO Labs Director. "Towards that end, we closely observe our customers' work processes and develop solutions to address the challenges our customers are facing.”

FARO was thrust into the public eye recently when its 3D measurement and 3D scanning technology was used to digitally recreate the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in order to provide evidence in favor of the defense. The case provoked questions of how 3D scanning and related technology can be used objectively when dealing with situations of an extremely sensitive and political nature. The company’s 3D measurement catalogue includes the Freestyle3D X Handheld 3D laser scanner and the Focus3D X 3D laser scanner.

Subscribers to the EA Program can order the BIM Scan Localizer now, before the product becomes available to the general public in the second half of 2016. Subscribers will also receive a 20% discount on the combined purchase of a Scan Localizer and FARO Focus3D Scanner before March 31.



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