Oct 24, 2015 | By Benedict

FARO Technologies will feature its latest Freestyle3D X Handheld 3D Laser Scanner at the IACP 2015 expo this weekend in Chicago, Illinois.

The handheld 3D scanner, which operates with a scanning accuracy of 1mm at a 1m range, has been designed for use in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Law Enforcement, and other industries. The new 3D scanner comes with a U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable calibration accessory to provide users with verifiable data accuracy, which is critical for forensic scanning and other highly regulated industries. 

Unlike stand-mounted alternatives, the Freestyle3D X has been designed for extra coverage, enabling users to get to hard-to-reach areas. “If it’s a smaller area the officer can’t get into, like under a couch, [you can] use the hand scanner to augment the area,” said FARO product tester and forensic trainer David Dustin, of Dustin Forensics. “It’s a handy device to grab and capture, you could effectively capture an entire room if you want,” he added. “And the price point opens it up for smaller agencies.”

"The new features such as automatic flash mode, best point filter and new algorithms decisively enhance the overall 3D scanning experience and enable users to carry out more projects with better quality at the same time," said Joe Arezone, Senior Vice President and Managing Director FARO Asia and EMEA. "Moreover, the new Freestyle3D X will allow the most demanding users to achieve better accuracy in their projects.”

Images from FARO

Operation of the device is relatively simple. To use the Freestyle3D X, the user points it at the surface of an object. The technology is able to determine distance, measurements, dimensions and colour of area, which can then be reviewed at a later time from any location. If the user loses track while scanning, the FARO software gives on on-screen alert with directions to the spot where tracking was lost and can be resumed. Scans can be taken in one go or with pauses, at the user’s convenience: Memory-scan technology allows users to pause and resume at any time.

The scanner can be deployed for a range of important forensic tasks. It can, for example, capture a bullet’s trajectory during an autopsy, scan the interior of a vehicle during a traffic stop, or examine the undercarriage of a car during an accident investigation.

Key features of the Freestyle3D X include:

  • Ability to measure and scan in tight and hard-to-reach areas
  • Scan around corners where there is limited visibility
  • Memory-scan technology allows users to pause and resume scanning at any time
  • Auto levelling
  • Flexibility to work with or without artificial targets
  • Seamless integration with Focus3D laser scanner data
  • Precision handheld scanning
  • Easy-to-use scanning software
  • Worldwide service and support from local FARO facilities

The FARO Freestyle3D X Handheld 3D Laser Scanner costs $13,500, comes with a one-year warranty, and includes a small pelican case and calibration plate.



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