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Plaster casts have been common tool in a doctor’s arsenal for centuries. But like any medical tool that has been used for centuries, it’s not exactly foolproof. The accumulation of sweat and dirt and a lack of ventilation can cause infections and significant discomfort, so why not find a 21rst century alternative? That is, in essence, exactly what one Mexican startup is doing. Founded by a group of graduates from UNAM University, MediPrint is working on the already patented NovaCast, a 3D printed customizable alternative for casts that can be washed and weighs up to ten times less than plaster.

Like so many startups, MediPrint actually started when one of its founders came across complications in his day life. “The project started when my mom had an accident at work and broke her left hand. They put her plaster cast on wrong, and they had to surgically fracture her hand again to replace it correctly. Unfortunately, they again placed the splint wrong and finally diagnosed her with 50 percent disability in that hand,” said co-founder Zaid Badwan. Badwan therefore assembled a team of UNAM graduates that also includes Andrés Souza, Carlos Hansen, Ulises Martinez and Nahme Pineda, with plenty of engineering, management, entrepreneurship, business, programming, 3D modeling and printing experience between them.

As Badwan, who has a background in Mechanical Engineering, explains, plaster is actually not a very hygienic medical material at all. “The material with which conventional splints are made is plaster, which is highly hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs sweat and causes the bacteria to proliferate because there almost no ventilation,” he explained. In worst case scenarios, you can lose a limb because of the complications caused by ulcers. Sometimes bones do not properly heal due to badly placed casts either.

That’s exactly why the NovaCast is such an appealing alternative. Made with 3D printing, it is not only ten times lighter than cumbersome plaster casts, but it is also removable, visually appealing and can be personalized. Most importantly, you can bathe with it, preventing the accumulation of bacteria. While some medical professionals rely on 3D scans or CT scan data to generate 3D printable medical accessories, the NovaCast is actually generated by an algorithm. “It only requires that the doctor enters the data, before it automatically generates the ideal geometry for 3D printing,” Badwan explains. Not only does this save hardware costs, it also means medical professionals won’t have to work with CAD software while they should be working with patients.

Because the NovaCast is so thin, it can be 3D printed in just three to four hours, depending on the size of the limb and cast. “We are currently doing research and development to reduce that time to one hour. The next steps are bringing this technology to hospitals and increase the number of 3D printers,” Badwan says. “We are getting advice from several specialists provide medical backing, and we are also still constantly searching for new solutions to the problems that people face every day when they require a medical device,” he says. It is expected that the final device will be around a third cheaper than existing alternatives – perfect for the poorer regions of Mexico.

The first results of their work are already paying off. Several months ago, they helped an elderly lady who was expected to spend a year in bed after breaking her hip. “We did a 3D scan of the lady and create a medical device that is perfectly adjusted to the shape of her body. It was reinforced with carbon fiber, which made it lighter and more resilient. The doctor approved it and the next day after placement, the patient was walking again,” Badwan said.

Though their NovaCast is still under development, MediPrint recently found a big boost on Mexican crowdfunding platform fondeadora.mx, where they raised more than $8000 USD to extend their 3D printing capacity with a high volume 3D printer. “Having a new printer will allow us to have more machine time, which we will use to continue their research, modify and improve their machines and avoid the unfortunate dilemma between producing or continuing innovation,” they say. The startup has also received financial backing the Mexican National Entrepreneur Institute Inadem, and have also found success in a competition organized by the Society of Former Students of the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), winning 150,000 pesos (more than $8500 USD). All those funds will be used to increase their 3D printing capacity.

All in all, MediPrint is becoming a very serious medical innovator that could have a tremendous impact. “We want to give the prosthesis to those who most need it, to make a child feel different, but not because he is less than others, but because he can do anything,” the maker concludes. Could the NovaCast be the cast of the future?



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Dr rudraksh wrote at 11/3/2017 5:18:37 AM:

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Andrea Hyatt wrote at 7/22/2017 4:58:21 PM:

Hi! I injured my left wrist almost a week ago and am currently in a splint. I return to my surgeon in a week and am expected to have a cast on for another 4 weeks. 😩 I am already nutting up wearing this freakin splint. I would so love to have one of your innovative casts. The High School near me has a 3-D printer! Is there any way I can get one of these? It's about time the orthopedists get on this band wagon. I'm so glad you've invented this. It's going to change the way doctors deal with broken bones. Kudos to you!! andreahyatt4@gmail.com

Stephane wrote at 5/8/2017 7:43:25 PM:

HI, I really would like to have more info on your product, cost implementation, formation with medical personnel. etc. please contact me at Stephane.beausoleil@cgi.com

Graham wrote at 4/4/2017 7:02:42 AM:

Hi interested in investing and also distribution Graham@slc.sg

Matthew Manthopoulos wrote at 3/22/2017 4:58:10 PM:

Good day. My name is Matthew living in South Africa. Similar to your market, South Africa and Africa as a continent will benefit from technology such as yours. I am currently in the orthopaedic industry and would like to expand this technology to those who cannot afford conventional therapy. Please contact me on the following address: matt.manthopoulos@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Brian Gallagher wrote at 1/31/2017 3:58:29 PM:

Are there any outside sales positions available? I think this solution is revolutionary and can be applied to numerous medical products, some of which have everyday uses. Knee braces and other joint support, compression sleeves, athletic equipment/protection etc. Please email me at brian99gallagher@gmail.com

Mohammed wrote at 1/24/2017 4:50:23 PM:

As with most of the comments above this is a very innovative idea and serves a need which is what every great product does. Serves a need and solves a problem. Almost anyone has had experience either through friends/family members or him or herself with the hassle of wearing a cast. I too am interested in investing in this product. I can be reached at sm_oliver@live.com

Antonio Mosca wrote at 1/22/2017 6:25:34 PM:

Your idea is very interesting: it could really change drastically the way we actually heal broken bones. I imagine there is already a copyright on it: please give me more details about your idea. I'd like to finance your project. give me info on how I can finance it. Regards, Antonio

Luis Herrera wrote at 1/18/2017 7:53:13 PM:

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Jithin wrote at 12/21/2016 7:45:02 PM:

Hi, I am interested in your technology. Is there an improvement in the printing time. Please let know the machine cost and investment details. My e-mail ID is jitin.raghavan@yahoo.co.in

Drs. M van der Linden wrote at 11/24/2016 2:08:45 PM:

Hello, Extensive network in Orthopedics in Europe, investments are possible as well. Send me some additional information, as well as your business plan, route to market etc etc. marcovanderlinden@hotmail.com

tarche wrote at 11/14/2016 12:05:12 PM:

Hi there, Very interesting. Can this create a cast for a rib fracture? Would be interested...send info at target07@gmail.com

Jonelle Ballard. wrote at 11/12/2016 12:47:05 PM:

I would love to be apart of your company as an investor. It's time to revolutionize the healing process with precion and affordability. My email jonelleb9@aol.com.

Chrystine wrote at 11/10/2016 5:46:05 PM:

How can I invest in nova cast ?

Keith Cathey wrote at 11/9/2016 12:12:58 AM:

I would love to be an investor in your company. I have 22 years of Medical Device Experience with Synthes and I now have my own Distribution Medical Sales Group set up where I have 3200 representatives that work with me daily and push our line of Medical Devices in the Orthopedic Industry and Bone & Joint doctors throughout the US and doing surgeries with these Orthopedic Doctors and this would be a slam dunk to get these into every hospital in the US. I would also like the opportunity to be a National Distributor for your products in the US. Please reach out to me and we can discuss the opportunity

Mike R. wrote at 11/7/2016 8:31:58 PM:

How do I invest?

Nancy wrote at 11/7/2016 6:00:51 PM:

Very interested in your project.

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Steffano Cogliate wrote at 11/7/2016 3:53:17 PM:

This thing screams SCAM!! from all corners but nobody seems to see it... these kids are just fooling around with low tec begginer level resources.

Jeremy A. wrote at 10/24/2016 8:04:01 AM:

Are there still investment opportunities? netfsheppard@gmail.com

Adriana Viquez Murillo wrote at 10/17/2016 3:49:57 AM:

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Salwa Gatay wrote at 10/11/2016 11:01:05 AM:

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William wrote at 10/8/2016 7:39:05 PM:

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I am interested in investing. Not wealthy but would love more info. Thanks

Doug Walker, Hagerstown, MD wrote at 9/1/2016 1:52:45 AM:

I'm a retired EMS professional and current medical educator. I'd love to be a regional distributor here in the mid-Atlantic states. I have many contacts in the medical community. Thank you!

Sadat wrote at 8/31/2016 12:33:10 PM:

Hi. I'm very interested in this product. Would like to know more about haw i can invest in this industry?

Todd Kirby wrote at 8/31/2016 5:59:05 AM:

Facebook said you were still looking for investors. What does that involve ?

Jerry wrote at 8/30/2016 7:15:44 PM:

Hi. I currently have a fractured wrist. I'd like to try the cast. I'm in Toronto Canada. If it works as promoted, I'd like to invest and assist with the promotion and funding.

Bailey wrote at 8/30/2016 6:57:54 PM:

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cre8iveads.in wrote at 8/30/2016 4:24:08 PM:

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Javohir Asadullaev wrote at 8/29/2016 7:16:58 AM:

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Dr. Raman Takiar wrote at 8/29/2016 5:34:39 AM:

Hi I am a doctor in India kindly send me the details

Rajarajan.Ra wrote at 8/29/2016 5:07:03 AM:

Greetings, It is a great idea and feel it will revolutionise the ortho industry great job guys. My name is Rajarajan from India will be Interested in investing in your company. Let me know if I could be a part of this revolution. Thanks

Justin G. Hausler wrote at 8/29/2016 1:56:19 AM:

Great job guys. I'm very interested in becoming an investor as well. I'm an attorney in Florida and interested to know whether you have this product protected with a patent of any kind. Thanks

Maria Perdikis, OTR/L wrote at 8/28/2016 10:06:04 PM:

I am an Occupational Therapist working in a hospital outpatient setting. This looks great, but how do you adjust as edema decreases?

Saul Antunez wrote at 8/27/2016 12:08:31 AM:

Hello my name is Saul Antunez Jr I would like some info on how to become an investor on this product.

Matt L wrote at 8/26/2016 2:34:01 AM:

Hello, I love what your doing. Im currently in a cast myself and definitely see the need for your product.

T. Stewart Kirkman, CEO wrote at 8/14/2016 2:05:11 AM:

The Strap, Inc. is very interested in investing in Mediprint's plastic cast program. Who do we connect with to make a nominal investment?

Leonardo Rolim wrote at 8/13/2016 4:36:18 PM:

Hi i'm a brazilian medical student, and i am very interested in your product. Can you please send me an e-mail for more information about it, such as how do you measure the limb to produce the correct size, what machine do you use, how much it costs to produce the prosthesis, thank you e-mail: leo_srolim@hotmail.com

Anish Abraham wrote at 8/8/2016 12:18:20 PM:

Hi Am a doctor in Norway , very interested in your product . Kindly contact at the following email -docanishabe@gmail.com Thanks & Regards

Hatem Elgabaly wrote at 8/7/2016 11:04:31 PM:

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Mohammad wrote at 8/6/2016 7:26:40 PM:

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Roy wrote at 8/6/2016 2:50:13 PM:

Are you still looking for investors?

Verena wrote at 8/6/2016 3:21:05 AM:

This looks great. All power to you. Please also include your plastic recycling policy. Do you take the casts back once the injury is healed and melt it down to reuse? That really should be the only way to operate in plastics.

Byron wrote at 6/28/2016 6:13:36 PM:

How are you getting around the multi-hour printing time problem?

Dr. Balkrushna wrote at 6/13/2016 6:53:26 PM:

hi, first of all thanks for new revolution in the field of ortho. I am a doctor, i am interested in your plast equipment. can you plz send me your more detail such as about machine, costing and shipping. drbalkrushna@hotmail.com thank you for your time and concern.

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