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Remember TurboRoo, a tiny Chihuahua from Indianapolis? This mini-dog was tragically born without his front legs, but fortunately the mechanical engineer Mark Deadrick developed a very clever 3D printing solution last August. Originally getting by with haphazardly assembled toy parts, Deadrick designed and 3D printed a doggie wheelchair that allows the pup to live life to the fullest.

As Deadrick told reporters at the time, "We have capabilities to make just about anything, but we lean toward things that we find interesting," he explained. "Usually that's something that either flies, has wheels and goes fast. TurboRoo meets that requirement (sans the fast part I suppose) and I thought I'd spend a small amount of time coming up with an interim solution."

While that wheelchair proved to be a perfect solution for TurboRoo, its owners Ashley and Ray were so touched by the attention and feedback the project gathered (TurboRoo even made it to the international news, as you might recall), they decided to help as many dogs as possible. "We decided that it shouldn’t stop at TurboRoo! [We] have partnered with Mark and John from INDY3DP to make these cars available to other dogs that need them. Together, we formed TURBOROO DESIGNS!", they explained on their webpage.

Through their 3D printing service, you can order custom made 3D printed wheelchairs that perfectly fit your pup or dog. And it's a remarkably easy, if somewhat expensive product to get. Simply pick the colors you want, send in four differnet measurements, and they 3D print and assemble the car, complete with skateboard wheels. All in all, it takes about a week to complete, so your pup can be up and running in no time. Of course, these 3D printed wheelchairs aren’t adjustable, so once its outgrown you’ll have to purchase a new one. Fortunately, they can also produce adult carts for your dog.

Nonetheless, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the average dog toy (the 3D printed body alone is $300), and that’s why we're very happy to hear of a new initiative by BarkBox. For those of you who’ve never heard of BarkBox, it's a clever web service that – for a fixed subscription – send you a box of dog toys and treats once a month, to ensure your dog always has something fun to play with.

Their service has proven very successful in the past few years, so they have taken up multiple projects to ensure dogs everywhere can be happy and healthy. This includes donations to animal shelters and things like that, but they are now also actively supporting TurboRoo Designs’s ‘pawesome goal’ to ensure that carts can be made even for dogs whose owners can’t afford one. Therefore, if you contribute any amount to the TurboRoo cause, you now get an exclusive code good for 15% off any new BarkBox subscription. Furthermore, upon redeeming of your code (so purchasing a supscription), BarkBox will make an additional contribution of $15 to TurboRoo Designs.

This way, dog owners everywhere can work together to improve the quality of life of handicapable dogs everywhere. And changing the life of a special pup in need is priceless! For more about the dogs that are being helped by the project, go here. Among them is Tito, whose Argentinian owner Gustavo De Rosa travelled 700 miles to adopt the little dachshund. "Tito is a dog that needs a lot of attention," she told reporters. "I thought about rescuing him and bringing him to Buenos Aires because there are two homes here designing prosthetic legs for him, and we have more specialized veterinarians willing to build a health plan that will help him thrive with just two legs. I am willing to offer Tito whatever he needs in order for him to live a full life."

However, the stories of other dogs are even more tragic, like that of Jack. "My mom was an abandoned stray found wandering the streets in Stockton, California. She was rescued in a parking lot and brought home by a good Samaritan. Little did they know, my mom was pregnant with me and my two siblings. I'm the only one born without arms. No animal hospital or local rescue would help. They said I should be euthanized. At one day old, I was saved by my new parents."

If you’d like to help dogs like Jack and Tito by giving them a 3D printed wheelchair, go here for more information on how to donate. $2655.00 has already been raised, but more is needed to help all the dogs in need! 


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Jennifer at kreazybroad812@gmail. com wrote at 11/2/2016 7:25:32 AM:

I have a Chihuahua Chihuahua named Joey that was born without his front legs. I love him so much. He is such a sweet and spirited little boy. I have wanted to get him a wheelchair/ 3 D printed wheels for my baby boy. He deserves them. I know I can't afford to get him one like on this website and I saw that there is a special fundraising deal for disabled pups/ dogs. Please help point me in the right direction. Thank you! Sincerely, Jennifer

Kim Palomo wrote at 5/25/2016 8:00:40 PM:

I need a wheelchair like this one for Princess Roo. A senior special needs chair, also missing her front legs. How can I get intouch with someone.

Karen Clakley wrote at 7/9/2015 3:34:34 AM:

How much are these! I recently became friends with someone who is getting a chihuahua mix with no front legs, I would love to help her and her new pup. I'm going to try and build something temporarily for him when he comes home with her. He's so precious!

Uncledj wrote at 2/12/2015 4:49:20 PM:

right, many unfortunate pets out there, also let the vet know there is cheaper technology out there to offer their clients. help their clients have option rather put their pet to sleep

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