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Forget Ben Affleck in Batman vs Superman, who pulls out gadget after gadget to defeat the man of steel. There’s a new hero in town, and he’s got the record to prove it. Irish special effects expert Julian Checkley, who unveiled the most amazing 3D printed cosplay suit we’ve ever seen about a year ago, has just been awarded a world record in the new Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition. His 3D printed Batman suit, featuring 23 amazing gadgets, is now officially the cosplay suit with the most functional gadgets on it in the world.

As you might remember, Checkley works at Order 66 in Galway, Ireland and has previously worked on numerous movies as a special effects expert. He also builds cosplay suits for those who only want the best (and can afford it). Of course 3D printing is becoming increasingly common in the special effects industry, but this was actually the first time Checkley relied so heavily on 3D printing. And as Batman fans will have doubtlessly noticed, the suit itself is completely based on that seen in the Batman: Arkham Origins videogame.

3D printed over the course of about a month, Checkley already revealed that 3D printing enabled them to work much quicker than usual. In fact, it would take about twice as long to build the suit using just traditional techniques. “There’s also the extreme accuracy it gives as well,” he said at the time. 3D printing was done by Kevin LeProp, while Checkley painted and assembled all the parts in his Irish studio. Upon completion, many parts were molded and cast in urethane and mounted on a custom body suit. “We can 100 per cent recreate what we see on the screen,” he said.

Thanks to some hand-made weathering, the final result is absolutely amazing. We can totally picture this Batman fighting crime on the streets of Gotham – especially as Checkley stands at a towering 6”10’ (208cm) when wearing the suit.

But the gadgets really sell it too, and Checkley worked very hard to include as many as possible on his body. And were not just talking about 20 or so bat shuriken. No, he actually managed to build 23 functioning gadgets that work almost as well as those of the Caped Crusader himself. Among others, the list includes Smoke bombs, a grapnel gun, a GPS-based ‘bat tracker’, a UV lamp, a bat respirator (for nuclear, bacterial and chemical protection) and even a projector that sends a bat signal into the night’s sky (well, maybe not that high).

Of course not all of these are as dangerous as Batman’s gadgets, but they are very high tech. The Fireball Shooter actually shoots flames (as is visible in the clip below), while the video screen in his gauntlet actually works too. The Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device, Pneumatic Tranquillizer Gun, Laser Designator, Batcam, Gas Dispenser and Concealed Laryngeal Microphone are all equally high tech and very Batman-like. The maker’s personal favorite is actually the gas dispenser. “You flip your wrist out and it just jets out this jet of CO2 gas, which could be poisonous gas. It could be anything,” he says. But of course the Batarang can’t be absent either.

As Checkley revealed, some of these gadgets are actually so complex that he had to enlist the help of an electrical engineer to build them – especially for the 2000watt EMP Stun Gun, the most challenging of all gadgets. “There were many long hours trying devising the gadgets and finding ways to store them on the suit. They are classic gadgets but also some are specific to Batman: Arkham Origins. I am immensely proud of my Guinness World Records title and to be part of the Gamer’s Edition is just the next level,” Checkley said.

But it definitely deserves the record, and we’ve never seen anything like it. The record itself will appear in the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2017, out on 8 September. “This incredible cosplay suit is a great example of the eclectic records that appear in this year’s Gamer’s Edition 2017. The detail and imagination behind the gadgets take the meaning of cosplay to a whole new level,” editor Stephen Daultrey said of the record. Check out the amazing gadgets in the clip below.



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