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V-MODA, an Italian audio device manufacturer has released its newest product “Remix”, a bluetooth connected speaker and headphone amplifier that can be customized with 3D printed casings and details. The audio device, which was unveiled this week, is retailing for $300, with added customization parts ranging from $40 to $370,000.

Milano-based V-MODA first started using 3D printing in 2015 to offer its clients an unprecedented level of customization for its audio products. Unlike many other 3D printing applications which use the technology to cut back on costs, V-MODA found that additive manufacturing could up the value of their electronics, making customized luxury shields and caps for its headphones and earbuds.

Now, with the company’s latest product, consumers can not only personalize their personal audio devices but can deck out their speakers as well. Remix, which took three years to develop and over 50 iterations to perfect, marks V-MODA’s first portable bluetooth enabled speakers with 3D printed customization.

V-MODA CEO Val Kolton issued a statement about the new product, saying: “After developing our critically acclaimed headphones, we felt it was time to evolve, to “remix” the V-MODA sound into a new form. We already had our innovative headphones with their world-renowned sound, materials and personalization: why can’t a speaker achieve the same goals and excel at the same vision?”

You might be wondering how you can customize a portable speaker with 3D printing. Well, using V-MODA’s “jewelry-grade 3D printing expertise”, the company can create personalized platings and housings for the Remix speakers in a variety of materials, ranging from a lightweight matte fiber, to steel, to raw brass and bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold plated and rhodium, 14k gold, and platinum. Yup, the platinum sidings explain the $370,000 price point mentioned earlier.

“V-MODA has made it possible to “endorse yourself” rather than the manufacturer brand, and this option is becoming massively popular with our tribe of technologists, musicians, gamers and audiophiles,” commented Kolton.

“This is the first product that is a ‘module’ with electronics and moving parts, and all surfaces can be chosen in 3D printed and standard materials. There is a reason why REMIX is the world’s first completely customized module and speaker: at this size and quality, 3D printing is incredibly hard to perfect. However, years of 3D printing for our over and in-ear headphones taught us how to build what is truly a historical product – a powerful portable speaker and amplifier where all six sides can be personalized,” he continued.

The speaker itself is powered by a glass-fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers and features a rear-mounted bass reflex port that provides a clear sound. For audiophiles, the Remix portable speaker also includes a headphone amplifier in wired analog mode, called the V-MODA VAMP. The speaker is available in two finishes (not including the 3D printed accessories), which are described as “minimal CNC aluminum” and “luxurious vegan leather.”

With dimensions of 205 x 65 x 68 mm, the Remix speaker is compact enough to travel with or to fit on your desk. When fully charged (via a USB-C cable), the Remix offers users ten hours of wireless playback. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone, and pairing with other speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa.



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