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We’ve covered the work of New Zealand-based 3D design team Printable Scenery extensively in the past, and their latest release, known as Rampage Gothic, sees them continue to make the most of the growth in the hobbyist 3D printing market as well as the undying popularity of tabletop RPG games. Rampage Gothic adds gothic-inspired design and architecture to the company’s Rampage series of 3D printed model scenery building systems. A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched, and pledgers will receive one of two different sets of models in STL format, ready for 3D printing.

Following up on the success of 2015’s Maori-themed set of models, and the Time Warp: Europe/The Americas system that was released last year, the new Rampage Gothic set presents an impressive range of new scenery, inspired by real-world time periods and cultures, for RPG and fantasy enthusiasts to really let their imaginations run wild with. According to Printable Scenery’s Kickstarter page, this gothic architecture can span multiple game systems, from Vampire Castles to Medieval Cathedrals and the Interstellar Empires of the far future.

The Printable Scenery team are perfectionists who have won various international awards for their unique work. The design process tends to start with a concept sketch drawn from real-life historical references, before being gradually developed and sculpted in 3D design applications. That seems to be the case again with the Rampage Gothic models, as the architecture boasts an impressively accurate level of detail and a real gothic, historical feel. The Gothic Industrial subset is composed of sci-fi-influenced plasma stacks and walkways, while the Gothic Cathedral subset is designed for building grander structures like cathedrals or castles.

The whole 28mm Rampage Gothic scenery-building system is modular, which means that it can be put together and taken apart as the user sees fit. It uses the OpenLOCK system, which is the most widely used Open Source scenery building system in the world.  OpenLOCK is the only modular system that allows users to connect walls to floors and it's always backwards compatible. This means that such disparate structures as Dungeon Tiles, Fortresses, Spaceships and Castles will connect easily with Cathedrals and Sci Fi walkways. The Rampage Gothic set has been designed to be compatible with all Rampage Dungeons and Rampage Castles.

The Kickstarter campaign has 19 days left at time of writing, and so far over NZ$ 35,559 has been raised. As usual with its crowdfunding campaigns, Printable Scenery is using ‘stretch goals’ to encourage investment and give some extra rewards to its backers. The more money is raised by the campaign, the more models will be ‘unlocked’, and the team will add these to expand the Rampage Gothic range. The extra 3D printable models unlocked so far are Buttresses, Machine Walls, Flying Buttresses, Blast Walls, Naive Archways, Blast Door, Triforium, Iron Girders, Dome Spires, and Plasma Spires. Demon Windows for the Demon Cathedral are the next stretch goal to be attained, once the NZ$ 33,000 mark has been passed.

Both the Gothic Cathedral and Gothic Industrial sets are available for a pledge of NZ$65 each, or the all-in pledge is $110 or more. Backers will receive the 3D model set as a pack of STL files, then all they have to do is send them to their 3D printer to be built and they’re ready for some vivid fantasy role-playing action.



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